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Software support

This page will be updated soon with support pages for our Feng Shui software.

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3 Responses to Software support

  1. June says:

    Hi Jo, I am just getting started to learn about the software I purchased from you several years ago. It’s been a while, this is due to the passing of my husband. I am just starting to get back to normal. I wanted to know what is The Pearl String combination facing. This is indicated on my Flying Stars chart. Also, how do I activate it. Also, you mentioned to use my Natal chart for the cures for Feb 4. Is this my Flying Stars chart? It’s a bit confusing, I hope I can figure it out before Feb 4. Thanks for your help. June

  2. ILMIRA says:

    HI,everyone. I just bought your software (Professional version). And I met already with a lot of problems. I need your help.
    1. Floor plan. Uploading plan is OK, no problem, but how To make my own? You didn’t provide any area for measurements. How I suppose to draw, just how I fill???Not accurate!!!I needed this soft for this purpose. There is no problem to apply flying stars as well. But if I have approximately plan kind of…what the point to find not accurate centre of the house or area???
    2. Flying star analysis. There is no really explanations for combination. Too many printing papers, and with no connections to each other. I am spending much more time now to put everything together. What to do? Help, may be I didn’t get how to use it properly. Thanks, Ilmira

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