Hotei Buddha

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If you have a bedroom, study, kitchen or other important room in the northwest this year, the Hotei Buddha really must be placed; if you do not wish to purchase the Hotei Buddha from us, please try to get one somewhere else and make sure that he is gold and has the sack in his left hand and Mala beads in his right as this combination is the most important part of this cure.

The Buddha holding a sack in his hand is known as the Hotei Buddha which means cotton sack. He is known as the travelling Buddha as he is believed to wander around the world collecting people’s sadness and troubles and put them in his sack. The Buddha’s Hotei sack also symbolises wealth and great riches.

The beads in the Buddha’s right hand represent never-ending meditation practise bringing calm and peace to the building he is placed.

We need to use a Buddha that falls into an auspicious measurement for the northwest and the Hotei Buddha measures 45mm (1 ¾ inch) high which falls perfectly in to the Chai measurement bringing money luck, six types of good luck and abundant good fortune for the year ahead when placed.

The story of the Hotei Buddha, also known as the laughing Buddha.

Hotei was a big man with a large belly who would travel around the many different villages in sixteenth-century Japan. The Hotei Buddha was such a joyous person and would walk around with a large cotton sack carrying treats for the children of the village. The village locals initially thought that he was mad as he was continuously laughing all of the time although they soon joined in with his laughter and forgot all of their troubles.

The Hotei Buddha would laugh so much that the village local’s problems would go away and it was believed that the Buddha would take their troubles from them with his laughter and put them in his sack before he left. The Hotei Buddha brought a great deal of peace and enlightenment to the villages and also joy to the children and was soon seen as a master and became known as the laughing Buddha. He did not preach messages, he was the message and he would never judge others and his sheer presence would bring joy to those around him.

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