Dui Ou Lung wealth and success Talisman

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The Dui Ou Lung wealth and success talisman is a potent and much-needed cure and enhancer in 2019 because the annual #8 wealth star is locked in the centre palace (heaven heart) and without this essential cure and enhancer it can cause many wealth problems and bad luck for a home or business,

This extraordinary cure and enhancer talisman will be needed in 2019 not only to protect wealth but also to enhance it and the reason why we have included it in all our annual Feng Shui kits this year.

As we have this very auspicious #8 star locked, the central palace is a fairly neutral area for wealth in 2019 and in order to create and protect finances, we need this very special powerful talisman to enhance the #8 annual earth star and strengthen the bond between the two earth elements and this is a crucial cure and enhancer to place for the year of the Pig.

It is vital that we strengthen the earth element in the centre in 2019 to enhance wealth, career and overall good luck.

This powerful enhancer has been embedded with an empowered thought form for added protection and enhancement. This talisman really is one of the most protective cures you can use and also a powerful enhancer for the #8 star, for wealth creation and protection in 2019.

We had this specially made for us to a very high standard with a very special arrangement of the coin, the side which shows the  Duality Dragons must not be showing when hung. The yang side with the four Chinese characters must be the side on display.

The coin is carefully tied with auspicious red ribbon with a Chinese lucky four rhombus knot at the top with bright red binding.

In Feng Shui, the two Dragons are regarded as one of the most fortunate and sacred figures in Chinese folklore. It reputedly has absolute power and symbolises honour, power and all that is right in the world.

This talisman is an extremely powerful cure, especially in the centre of your home or business to protect wealth and business throughout 2019.

The Chinese four-row rhombus Mystic Knot at the top of the Dui Ou Lung wealth and success talisman is also known as the Pan Chang Knot, and it denotes the endless cycle of nature and a perfect addition to the dual Dragon Chinese I-Ching coin. You must only use a rhombus type knot with four rows and not circular (metal element) as this would weaken the earth element and cause more problems.

In traditional authentic Feng Shui, measurement is so essential and even a few cms less on this Talisman would take the sector into Li which is said to bring very bad luck and a loss of money. Our Feng Shui software has all the measurements built into it, and it is something we have personally used with excellent results for over 38 years.

Full detailed instructions are included; all our products are cleansed of negative energy and empowered with positive Sheng Ch’i energy.  

Approximate size: 34.1 (L) x 6.5 (W) – 13.8 inches (L) x 2.2 inches (W)

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