Yuan Wang romance & wish enhancer giving all your hearts desires

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One of the best-kept secrets in Feng Shui revealed to you at a fraction of its value, there are not many Feng Shui masters who even know how to create this very special cure and it is not just about the content but the thought form and with the engraved mother of pearl puff hearts talisman and thought forms placed inside the quartz crystal making this an essential cure in 2018 for the south romance star and anywhere you have an auspicious #4 star in your natal chart. With eight mansions Feng Shui these are also perfect for the southeast for relationships and health.

This perfect Feng Shui romance, wealth, health and wish enhancer and the formulae is hardly known to any Feng Shui masters and passed onto us many years ago and used with amazing results. This is such a lovely cure and enhancer and must be used carefully and said to bring all your hearts desires if used correctly. If you read the original text for this cure and enhancers it seems very complex and the understanding of it is often interpreted in the wrong way. You use the number of hearts for the hearts beating in a home or extended friends or family members. I will try and make this example as simple as possible but the most important thing to remember is the instructions given with this wish enhancer make it very simple and you can set it up within one minute. You must always use a minimum of two hearts even if you live on your own as in 2018 we have the #4 star in the south making it an ideal opportunity to tap into love, relationships (partners or family/friends), wealth, career, creativity and much more.

An example would be if you had a couple living in a home with two children you should have four hearts, a piece of Amzonite crystal and a i-ching coin. 

If you lived on your own you would have two hearts, a piece of Amzonite crystal and an i-ching coin. 

If you had a couple with four children you would have six hearts, a piece of Amzonite crystal and a i-ching coin. 

You can even use this for pets and all you have to remember is over two people living in a building would have the number of mother of pearl hearts to the number of hearts beating that you want to enhance.

We have had a very special talisman hand engraved onto a mother of pearl puffed heart and empowered with sheng chi energy along with a thought form quartz Amzonite crystal placed on top of an auspicious i-ching coin. A superb enhancer not just for romance but also for career, wealth and business. 

A crucial part of this enhancer is the auspicious Chinese i-ching coin placed yang side up which is the four characters upwards, this is used with the Amzonite crystal and you write down all that you want in life and place it beside the cure and leave it in place for the year; you can place your wish list inside an Ang Pow envelope to strengthen the effects of the wish list. You will find an Ang Pow enevelope inside each order which Jo includes as a free gift but be sure to take the I-Ching coin out of the envelope or you can just use any envelope as long as its kept sealed. 

In other aspects of Feng Shui it is very powerful to use with children, parents, loved ones, potential partners, business, those who pursue a career in writing or relation or media business. Any person in business should have this powerful cure and enhancer displayed in the south in 2018. If you follow Xuan Kong flying star you should place where star #1& #4 stars are located.  

2018 Placement Instructions

As of 4th February 2018, this cure should be placed in the south of your home or office or the south of an important room like an office, bedroom, living room etc.

Full detailed instructions are included and they are completely cleansed of negative energy and empowered with positive Sheng Ch’i energy. Approx size is 200mm (8 inch) (Weight 45 grams)

All of our products are cleansed of any negative energy that may have become present during production and are empowered with positive Sheng Ch’i when they reach us and again when they are sent out for delivery.

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