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2019 Flying Star Xuan Kong

Are you prepared for 2019?

2019 Flying Stars Analysis
© Written by Daniel Hanna 2018

On the 4th February 2019, we will have the #8 annual star visit the central earth palace (heaven heart). While #8 star is an auspicious star, when trapped in the centre, it will need some very powerful enhancers to free the wealth star and enhance its positive energy for the year of the Yin Earth Pig. The central palace tends to resonate throughout the other eight palaces, so it is important that this area is treated with the appropriate cures and recommendations below.

The upshot for everyone is to be financially cautious during 2019 again. Make sure you place your cures and enhancers on the 4th February. You’ll then be able to lessen the adverse effects of the global economy and turn a potentially bad year into a good one. I know this could be a contentious point for many, but I’d love to see some corrections with house prices. House prices at present are far too high for my grandchildren to step up on the property ladder.

2019 could be a year of conflict for people born in the year of the Snake. Look after your health and do not overexert yourself. For more information on your personal Chinese Animal for 2019 click here.

The 2019 annual flying stars Xuan Kong full analysis is detailed below. Please do not get confused with solar (this is when you place Feng Shui cures – spring begins) and lunar (celebrate Chinese New Year) calendars, more on this below.

The #8 star is located in the centre from 4th February 2019 and this can cause problems for a home and business and specialist cures and enhancers are needed and of course our annual 2019 cures and enhancers kits allow for this, we have put together a very powerful kit where there are some very special talismans and charms included in the kits as standard as they are crucial to be placed this year. We have also published our 2019 Feng Shui guide.

Many of these cures and enhancers we are using in 2019 are very tightly held secrets and over the years, we have come across many companies who have tried to copy them from us; they do not get the ingredients right and this can actually cause more harm than good so please be careful where you purchase these cures.

The 2019 Feng Shui cures and enhancers annual kit is not just some gimmicky cures put together; each cure is carefully selected for the year and is are extremely powerful enhancers that only the most advanced Feng Shui Masters and consultants throughout the world use and quite a few of the cures in our kits are one that many Feng Shui Masters charge thousands of pounds for.  It does not matter how late in the year in 2019 you place your annual cures kit, we have many clients who have even placed them towards the end of the year and still get great results.

I am sure that there will be many people predicting disastrous events in 2019 and general bad things for the year but despite what they are predicting, I am very much looking forward to the year of the Pig and you should be too.

If you want to try and avoid wealth problems, sickness, arguments, bankruptcy, legal problems, loss of wealth, relationship problems, problems with the mouth, sore throat, chest problems, indigestion, skin problems, car accidents, accidents or any accidents involving metal and just overall bad luck or if you want to enhance the positive areas in 2019 read on…

If you would like more details on the 2019 cures & enhancers kit
please click here.

Surely the 2019 cures and enhancers will make me exempt from any problems?

If your bedroom is in the northeast, southeast, south or southwest in 2019 and you do not exercise much, smoke, eat takeaways every night, drink heavily and overall a bit lazy and think that taking a vitamin C tablet at the end of the day will cancel all of the above from your body and mind, you are very much mistaken although I know you do not need me to tell you that.

I am not coming from a moral high ground here and as hard as this may sound, you will, I guarantee have problems in 2019 but if you make changes this year you will avoid many of those problems, placing just the cures and enhancers on their own will help immensely but you should also make lifestyle changes. Please do not think I am standing on my high horse being all righteous and perfect, far from it, I am just giving you this advice as I have worked with thousands of clients throughout the world and I know the outcome.

In 2019, year of the Yin Earth Pig, we will be placing every single Feng Shui cure and enhancer that I talk about on this page as I have done as far back as I can remember but I will also spend time throughout the year making lifestyle changes to better my health, career and so on. four years ago, I moved home about 5 miles from the office and said I would be cycling to work as much as possible; admittedly, this happened maybe around 40 days of the year although I have been walking a lot more lately in order to keep myself active and cut down on pollution.

As you may know, we have given this Feng Shui advice to hundreds of thousands of Feng Shui Masters, Practitioners, students and enthusiast for over 20 years now and although we make many suggestions on cures and enhancers, we do not always agree with many websites insisting that you have to spend hundreds of pounds each year on cures and enhancers, they are simply not all needed.

The two products that I would strongly recommend to you for the year of the Pig are our 2019 annual cures kit and the world’s most powerful and most widely used all new Feng Shui 2019 software, with over eight years in development, over 50 combined years Feng Shui experience and one year of beta testing with Feng Shui Master’s, Practitioners and students from all over the world, Michael Hanna and the International Academy of Feng Shui have built the most powerful Feng Shui software available.

What do I do with last year’s cures & enhancer’s kit?

Many books or websites will advise you to throw away your old annual cures and enhancers and bury your old six-rod wind chimes; six Chinese coins tied with red ribbon, Pi Yao, wu lou, ba gua mirror etc from the previous year because they store so much negative energy. This is not always necessary as long as you cleanse the items before replacing for the new Chinese year.

To cleanse your old Cures, ideally, you should place outside under a full moon overnight or in direct sunlight for at least 4 hours and sprinkle with rock or normal salt. Make sure you rinse them under water (don’t forget to dry them) in the morning and you should place them in the appropriate areas as detailed below. This does not apply to the salt water cure, as these MUST be renewed without fail every year without exception and must never be reused.

As with all our products including the annual cures kits, they are all cleansed of negative energy and empowered with positive Sheng Ch’i energy, which makes them so much more effective.

Many people write in asking if we personally change our cures and enhancers kit each year as nearly all websites and books say you should throw them away. Our circumstances are different to yours, we have thousands of these cures and enhancers in our warehouse but we have never changed our Wu Lou (29 years old) or Tsai Shen Yeh. We change our wind chime and Pi Yao every year, the salt water cure we change without fail each year and I must admit the six Chinese coins tied in a row with red ribbon we always change and our Ba Gua mirror yearly as these are very bad to keep for too long and the reason why we will never sell plastic or metal Ba Gua mirrors as they do not age and store so much negative energy and will cause you many problems. You must never use a plastic or metal ba gua (pa kua).

My advice is that even if you have our kit from twenty years ago, carry on using it but follow the advice above about cleansing and make sure the salt water cure (must replace) and maybe six coins are replaced as these hold a lot of negative energy. Please never throw your Wu Lou away these are specially made for us and are the correct weight and size and I think they are a work of art and extremely powerful.

I cannot afford these cures or enhancers and/or my partner does not believe in Feng Shui?

When people first hear about Feng Shui, they usually think their home will have to look like a Chinese restaurant to obtain Good Feng Shui and this is certainly not the case; if you do not want to have six Chinese coins tied in a row with red ribbon or a Wu Lou beside the bed there are alternatives; many people even place their 6 coins in a row behind a picture frame if they do not want it on display. For the southwest and northeast of your home or office, you should use some good quality heavy metal ornaments which are of round shape as this represents metal but avoid menacing looking ornaments like metal knives or similar or anything that is aggressive looking with sharp corners. Although it’s always best to have the Cures on display, I have many clients who place their 6 Chinese Coins tied in red ribbon behind a photo on the wall and still get tremendous results.

An alternative to a salt water cure in the southwest and northeast in 2019 is a bowl of ultra clean, still water although this is not as powerful as the Salt Water Cure and needs to be checked daily and requires care so it doesn’t get stagnant or get covered in a layer of dust and bugs. The water must be kept squeaky clean otherwise it will cause you many problems so please be sure to check this regularly. I do not always like to recommend using a bowl because they can get dirty especially if you live in a hot country and can cause many problems, so please be careful with this if you do not use the salt cure.

You should try to place some real quartz crystal in the centre and east in 2019 as this is where the #6 and #8 annual stars are located from the 4th February 2019 or you could also place some objects that are made of earth material but try to keep any objects placed in the centre or east square in shape as this will enhance the annual stars during the year of the Pig and strengthen wealth and luck in your home or office during 2019. The most powerful and influential cure and enhancer for 2019 is the Madaochenggong Master Cure and this cure can only to be used in a Yin Earth Pig Ji Hai year. The last time that this powerful cure and enhancer would have been used was in 1959 which was also a Yin Earth Pig year although only a privileged few got to use it.

So what is flying star (Xuan Kong)?

Flying star (Xuan Kong) Feng Shui is the most powerful form that most professional Feng Shui Consultants use; it has absolutely nothing to do with astrology. It is an analysis of the five elements, land forms and star combinations that occupy your building. Each Chinese New Year in February these annual stars change, bringing good and bad energy and their effects are varied each year.

Every year and month we give free accurate information on how you can suppress or enhance the sectors of your home or office. Every building throughout the world will have these changing annual stars and you will need to take into account their ability to cause harm ranging from, sickness, wealth problems, legal problems, gossip, relationship problems and just overall bad luck and of course their ability to give auspicious good luck in wealth, health, romance, education and overall good well being. Unless a good star is activated it is of no benefit to you so follow our advice carefully.

Sample of a Flying Star chart (natal chart)

Generated with our Professional Feng Shui software. This chart below does not just focus on annual and monthly stars but also your fixed stars that are hundreds of times more powerful.

2019 Flying star chart software

2019 is the 4717th year of the Chinese calendar.

In China, the solar calendar of the Ji Hai (Yin Earth Pig) year starts on 4th February 2019.

  • The first day of the Hsia (solar) calendar is February 4th 2019, this is the day you would place your Feng Shui cures and enhancers.
  • The Pig year ends February 3rd 2020
  • 2019 is a Yin Earth Pig year (Ji Hai)
  • Chinese New Year falls on February 5th 2019 (Lunar calendar). This is the date you celebrate the Chinese New Year with Ang Pow, fireworks Talismans etc and not the date you use to place cures and enhancers in Feng Shui.


Firstly, you will need to either draw a floor plan of your home or office or use the one that you received with the house. This can be hand drawn but it should be more or less to scale but don’t worry if it is not, it will give you a good idea either way. Define all the interior walls that indicate the different rooms. You can actually do your own floor plan within our Feng Shui software which makes it very easy.

Secondly, you need to divide your floor plan into 9 grids or wedges in proportion as shown below. Next, you need to know the compass direction of your home or office.

Once you have your compass readings; you will know which wall is in which direction and you can then overlay the year’s Lo Shu grid (annual stars) according to the eight magnetic directions. So in 2019, you will see from below that the #5 star falls into the southwest area for this home, which like most homes is an important area and could cause problems if you do not place any cures.

2019 Flying star chart

This chart below was created with our Feng Shui software Floor planner section. The top left number is called the mountain star and affects health and well-being of the occupants in the home, the top right number is called the facing star which affects wealth, and the middle number is called the period number and comes from the year the home was built. The bottom right number is the 2019 flying star. At a glance, you can see where all the annual stars are along with mountain and facing etc and the reason why the software has become the industry standard in Feng Shui. The chart below is actually a very special chart called a “combination of ten with sitting” and requires careful analysis and the software explains in great details of how to get the best of every home of any age in any part of the world facing any direction.

This is why I do not want to know any personal details on a client that I consult for, as these numbers (along with land formations around the home) tell me everything about health, wealth, career and every part of their life.

2019 Example Flying star chart

The 2019 Annual Feng Shui Afflictions:

As we have the #2 black star enter the southwest of the lo shu in 2019 and special cures and enhancers are needed more than ever but at the very least to help disperse the negative effects, you should hang a set of six Chinese coins tied with red ribbon and a salt water cure in the southwest and northeast of your home or office this year to control the #5 and #2 stars. This is very important in 2019 especially if you have a main door, bedroom, office, lounge or other important room in the northeast, southeast, south or southwest.

The Three Killings:

It is important that you try not to make any form of noisy renovations or re-decorative work in the west part of your house or office between February 4th 2019 and February 4th 2020. You should not disturb the ground by digging holes, digging foundations or conduct any maintenance work with any noisy equipment in this area inside or outside your property or garden. If you have no option but to perform work in the west, I would advise that you place a 6 Metal rod wind chime in the west during 2019 around the time the work is being carried out.

Tai Sui:

If your property or front door faces northwest in 2019, much like the Three Killings, you must try to avoid doors from slamming when entering or leaving your home or workplace. You should avoid digging or renovating your property in this area at all costs in 2019. If you have an office or shop door in the northwest this year, I would recommend installing a soft close attachment. The traditional Chinese method to appease Tai Sui is to place a Xie Tai Tai Sui plaque along with a Three immortals to pay respect and appease the Deity and also enhance the annual #9 star.

Sui Po:

Sui Po year breaker occupies the division directly opposite Tai Sui Grand Duke, which for 2019 is in the southeast as we have Tai Sui located in the northwest for the year of the Yin Earth Pig. You should treat this area the same as any of the other annual afflictions with no ground-breaking work, renovations or any noisy activities in the southeast this year. If disturbed, this area can and usually will cause immediate health problems especially with regards to the elderly, so please be very careful. Traditionally to appease Sui Po in a Pig year, you need to display a Wen Chang Pagoda which works to appease Sui Po and also weaken the annual #7 in 2019 which we have included in all of our 2019 Cures and Enhancers Kits.

Kan 1 White In 2019 resides in the west.

In element form, Kan is water. In the physical body, it is the ear. Internal organ it is the kidneys and it is also blood.

Kan water #1 (tan Lang) has flown into the west of every home and office around the world for 2019 and the west has inherent metal energy and there is a nice relationship between the two stars from a five elements point of view when metal meets water. The west is a lovely area for the youngest daughter of a home or business in 2019 although also fortunate for all females. The west is a wonderful area on the whole although we also have the Three Killings located here for the year and it is vital that this area is treated with peace and quiet along with the necessary Cures and Enhancers for 2019.

If your home or office has a front door in the west in 2019, it is very important that you do not slam the door as loud noises can activate the maleficent effects of the Three Killings. You must also aim to avoid any internal doors or windows being slammed in this area during 2019 and avoid digging or renovating your property in this area at all costs; if you have no option but to undergo heavy work this year, please make sure that you follow the advice below and also have the relevant cures in place.

The Dual Dragon bell Heng Lung Fu is one of the most powerful symbols in Feng Shui and symbolises power, leadership and authority. Also known as the sound of power, the bell was a tool held by high-ranking officials, academics, nobles and Royal members of Imperial China in ancient times and is an essential cure for the west in 2019 and especially the eldest daughter and female of the home or office.

If you cannot afford to use the cures I have recommended or simply do not wish to use traditional cures, I would place some watercolours in the way of bedding, pillows, lampshades, rugs etc such as blacks, greys and blues. If you have a bed in the west this year, I would place a brass Wu Lou talisman here to protect wealth.

You should avoid fire colours in the west this year as this will drain the energy of the annual #1 star. This is not a good area for candles in 2019.

If using furniture and decorations in the west this year to enhance the #1 star, you should place furniture with waves and ripples as this is a great water cure

Cure and enhancement summary for #1 star in the west in 2019

  • A brass Wu-Lou would be good for a bedroom that falls into the west along with blue, black, grey or charcoal colours. This is especially so if you are not in good health and if you cannot buy a wu lou place a heavy round object close to your bed but avoid candles or colours red, pink, purple or any fire colours.
  • Place a Dual Dragon bell Heng Lung Fu in the west in 2019 to enhance the #1 star
  • Avoid candles or fire colours like red, pink, purple, orange or burgundy in the west in 2019, blues, blacks, grey or charcoal are good colours to use.
  • Metal objects are good to place in the west in 2019.

Kun 2 Black In 2019, the Kun 2 Black visits the northeast.

The northeast in 2019 is not a very nice area at all and if possible, it is best left alone although I know that it is easy for me to say which is why we write the annual flying star recommendations each year as not everyone has the luxury of moving bedrooms or offices. If you have a bedroom, office or other important room in the northeast and unable to move out please read this section carefully.

If the northeast of your home or office falls in to a bathroom, utility room, guest bedroom or other less important room, do not panic this is great news for you and the effects will be much weaker than if you have a bedroom, living room or office in the northeast this year and for Michael and Jo’s home, this is their front door so I know that they will definitely have their cures and enhancers in place as soon as the annual stars change in 2019.

For the northeast of your home or office in 2019, you need to place a salt water cure, Wu Lou and six Chinese coins tied with red ribbon, metal singing bowl and also place more round metal decorative objects (provided they are not menacing looking, round shape metal is good) to dissipate its negative influence in the northwest corner of your home or room.

The  Kwan Yin Pu Sa bell is a very powerful cure for the northeast this year, and the special arrangement of the image of Kwan Yin, beads and bells is a powerful combination and can also be used for cleansing the energy in a home or office.

A gold coloured three legged Toad is very effective at not only reducing the bad earth but can also protect your wealth for the year. Make sure there are no red items, bright lights or burning candles in the northeast in your home or office as the fire element will feed the earth and activate the malevolent effects of the #2 star. If you already have these colours in the northeast, it is best to remove them but do not worry too much if you can’t, just introduce metal colours such as white, silver, gold or copper in the way of a floor mat, cushions, throws, tablecloth or any other way you can think of. If you have a main door that falls in the northeast in 2019 you would also be advised to hang a Ba Gua mirror outside to deflect the negative energy.

More importantly, do not decorate the northeast room with red colour or triangle shapes items and most important avoid burning candles or leaving bright fiery coloured lights on for too long during the year 2019.

Cure and enhancement summary for #2 star in the northeast in 2019

  • Hang a  Kwan Yin Pu Sa bell in the northeast of your home or office in 2019
  • Place a salt water cure
  • You do not need all Dragons and bells, you can use any metal ornament as long as it is not sharp or aggressive looking, and believe it or not, a good cure is a round metal dog bowl or weightlifters weights.
  • Hang six Chinese coins tied in red ribbon.
  • A brass wealth ingot is good for protecting wealth.
  • Place a gold coloured three legged Toad with an i-ching coin underneath.
  • Place a Wu Lou and/or other metal ornaments to dissipate the negative earth.
  • A metal singing bowl is very good as is a stainless steel Dog bowl.
  • Avoid using red colour in this room and refrain from displaying triangle shape or fiery pictures.
  • Avoid candles or bright lights at all costs. Check or upgrade smoke alarms and other fire prevention methods.

Chen 3 Jade In 2019 can be heard in the south.

As we have the #3 Jade Annual Flying Star entering the south in 2019, please beware of possible theft, arguments, disputes, hot tempers and legal problems. Try and keep the south of your home as quiet as possible and avoid building work or renovations.

To remedy the ill effects of the annual #3 star, you should use red decorative objects such as candles, lamps and lights. A nice simple cure to use in the south in 2019 is a red floor mat or a table lamp with a red shade. Do not use metal (metal colour is OK) to control this energy for you will aggravate it, restricting the beneficial influence brought by auspicious monthly stars in certain months and magnify its negative influence.

Some books or websites that you may have read will tell you the #3 wood star is a good star in period 8, in our opinion it is still an unpredictable star and you should not try and activate it unless you are qualified to do so or you have used our software and it advises water. It will become more usable towards the later part of the 20-year period 8 cycle. I have even seen websites and books recommending placing water here, do this and you will invite arguments, divorce and legal problems without taking into account your land formations, period, mountain and water stars, please be very careful.

If your property or front door faces south in 2019, you must try to avoid the doors from slamming when entering or leaving your home or office. You should avoid digging or renovating your property in this area at all costs in 2019 if possible. If you have an office or shop door in the south this year, I would recommend installing a soft close attachment if possible and if you have children in your home, try to keep these doors from being slammed.

In 2019, we have the visiting negative earth being activated by the inherent fire energy, and without cures and enhancers, the #3 star will cause havoc. To weaken the #3 star, you should place a Zhaocai Ruyi toad in the south of your home or office in 2019.

Cure and enhancement summary for #3 star in the south in 2019

  • Place a light in the south If you have a choice, a lamp with a wooden stand and a peach/red shade is better.
  • Do not hang wind chimes of any material in the south in 2019, especially metal wind chimes as it will worsen matters.
  • Take extra security measures for the whole home or business during 2019 and check smoke alarms.
  • Place a Zhaocai Ruyi toad to suppress the negative influences of the annual #3 in the south for 2019
  • Check through everything before signing documents if your office is in the south.
  • Beware of backstabbing, as sometimes it is unseen and behind your back and also from someone you thought you knew quite well.

Sun 4 Green In 2019, Sun 4 Green sits in the north.

The Sun wood 4 occupies the north palace for 2019 and this is a conditional star but it is auspicious in Period 8 (2004 – 2024) and governs romance, travel, creative, academic and artistic talents, wisdom and intelligence as well as self-development when activated correctly. If you want to enhance this wonderful star, you would do so by using a yin water feature or introduce some watercolours such as blue or black.

This is a good area to have a pair of Mandarin Ducks, Dragon headed Tortoise or photos of you and your partner/family. As we have the wood energy from the annual #4 star being fed by the inherent energy of the #1 water star, we can expect good things when the north is activated correctly in 2019.

To enhance this beautiful influence, you should place a Shixian Wish and romance enhancer in the north of your home or office during 2019. The Shixian Wish and romance enhancer is a very powerful Peach Blossom talisman and is a very effective manifestation enhancer for the north during 2019.

Without cures, this 4 star can bring both wanted and unwanted romantic opportunities to the household if the cures are not put in place. Having a door in the north combined with the relevant cures and enhancers in place can bring in new opportunities and lots of travel.

Cure and enhancement summary for #4 star in the north in 2019

  • Use blue in your décor if this is your office or bedroom.
  • Place a Shixian Wish and romance enhancer in the north of your home or office
  • For office and studies, place a task light and a crystal globe on the work desks. Blue items can be added on the desk e.g. blue paper, blue books etc
  • Avoid displaying too much metal objects here especially large heavy ornaments.
  • Fresh flowers or small pots of green leafy or flowering plants can be displayed in this spot of the house to lift the qi. Blue or green flowers are a good choice.
  • If you have the Taohua mandarin Ducks, this is a good area to have them and any other symbols of romance like hugging couples etc.
  • Place photos of loved ones or images of love to enhance relationships or attract new love. This can be done with photos, paintings or statues, make sure there is always a pair in the image.
  • For romance, a Dragon headed Tortoise is very good

The 5 Yellow In 2019, the annual 5 Yellow is located in the southwest palace.

For those who know me will, they will know that I am very different in the way that I deliver the annual advice compared to other Feng Shui experts. I do not like to use scare tactics or push sales on people and firmly believe the power of the mind is as powerful as Feng Shui and providing you have good intentions, you can turn bad into good; sadly this year the southwest is not good at all and my advice is treat the southwest with extreme care in 2019, good Feng Shui is actually also being aware of potential problems and whilst it may sound uncharacteristically negative of me to talk so down about the southwest, it is my duty to let you know how bad it can be this year.

As I mentioned above, I will be taking care when treating the southwest this year as this is where my main door is located; am I worried about it? Absolutely not. I will be making sure that I have my Salt water cure, Six chinese i-ching coins tied in a row and six rod metal wind chime all placed in the southwest for the year and will be keeping noise to a minimum when possible, especially when using my dining room.

You should not disturb its position here with noisy activities, renovations or maintenance work. Houses with their garden in the southwest should avoid disturbing the ground with major digging or building work.

You should place a salt water cure, six rod wind chime, Wu Lou and six Chinese coins tied with red ribbon and also place more metal decorative objects (provided they are not menacing looking, round shape metal is good) to dissipate its negative.

Wherever the Five Yellow is, you must never disturb its position by lots of drilling or knocking activities. So please be careful when you hang your metal six rod wind chime to control its influence in the southwest sector of your house or business.

If your bathroom, cloakroom, en-suite, guest room or a large cupboard are located in the southwest, this is good for you this year, because these areas are not used much and therefore the negative power is not activated, I would still place the cures though regardless of what room is located in the southwest.

Cure and enhancement summary for #5 star in the southwest in 2019

  • • Avoid playing loud music in the southwest of the home or room in 2019.
  •  Do not decorate your room with red or earth colours this year. Grey, blue or white beddings and curtains are good colours to use temporarily.
  • Place a salt water cure in the southwest of the building along with six Chinese coins tied in a row with red ribbon and six hollow metal rod wind chime.
  • Place a Brass Wu-Lou in the southwest corner of the room if this is your bedroom.
  • Do not place red objects, burning candles or triangular shaped furnishing in this sector.
  • Most of all, avoid disturbing the southwest at all costs. Any form of renovations that needs to be done, plan it for another year. It is worth keeping this in mind.
  • Tsai Shen Yeh (God of wealth) in a gold colour is very effective at not only reducing the bad earth but by also protecting your wealth for the year in the southwest.
  • Replace or at the very least cleanse your Ba Gua mirror in the southwest especially if you have a door here.
  • If you have a main door in the southwest make sure you oil the hinges and try not to let it bang shut.
  • If you use a fan or other machines that creates noise or vibration try and avoid placing it in the southwest part of a room, get yourself a good compass.

Ch’ien 6 White The star of Heaven Chien 6 White fly’s into the east palace in 2019

6 White is a benevolent money star and as an annual star, its position in the east in 2019 is excellent for career, wealth, politicians, leaders and anyone involved in the property market, so for those with a main door, office/study in the east will benefit greatly.

Those who have main doors or offices in the east sector can expect excellent business and career success when the east is activated correctly this year. However, whilst 6 White represents an accomplishment, if the #6 annual star is located in a bedroom it can cause problems with the liver and/or legs. If you do have a bedroom in the east in 2019, place some blue cloth like a rug or duvet cover to dissipate its energy.

Two powerful and crucial cures and enhancers for 2019 are the Yingxiangleiqie Sheng Chi Cure and the  Hong Fu Qi Tian Talisman which work in synergy with each other to activate and enhance the annual #6 star, bringing fame and success to the occupants of the home or office in 2019. In 2019, we have the #6 annual star fly in to the east where we have the inherent #3 wood star which will be draining energy from the #6; we need to introduce some powerful earth cures in to the east to balance this energy and allow the annual star to be activated which is why we have included the Sheng Chi cure and Hong Fu Qi Tian talisman with all of our 2019 annual or deluxe cures and enhancers kits.

Cure and enhancement summary for #6 star in the east in 2019

  • If this is your bedroom, a shade of blue or black in your furnishing or décor may help with health. A blue painting (not water scene) may also do.
  • Place a Yingxiangleiqie Sheng Chi Cure in the east of your home or office this year to enhance and protect wealth.
  • Real quartz crystal is very good in the southwest for 2018 as is faceted crystal spheres.
  • Place a  Hong Fu Qi Tian Talisman to enhance and protect wealth for 2019

Tui 7 Red The Lofty Wind of Tui flies into the southeast in 2019

The 7 red star has a negative influence in Period 8 and can bring a lot of problems to homes and offices around the world in 2019 if not treated carefully. The trigram Tui is also known as ‘Broken Soldier’. This is a fighting star. When combined with another untimely star, its negative nature denotes assault, deceit, violence and robbery. This year 2019 it falls into the wood element of the southeast which places both stars in severe conflict and can cause many problems if left untreated.

#7 Red brings a high risk of burglary, deception, copyright theft, gossip and back stabbing in the southeast in 2019 and will need to be handled with care. This will be particularly so if the combination of the facing and sitting stars of this sector suggest such a scenario. If you have had a Feng Shui consultation or use our Feng Shui software it may not be as bad, as the facing and mountain stars may be auspicious.

The Most powerful cure for the southeast in a Yin Earth Pig year is to place a Wen Chang Pagoda to be used to dissipate negative energy and free home or workplace of problems in 2019. The 9-tier metal Pagoda symbolises strength, wealth luck, career luck, good studies, wholeness and decency which is why we have carefully selected this for our 2019 Cures and Enhancers kits.

The best advice I can give is to check or install smoke alarms, check electrics and check the security of windows and doors in the southeast in 2019 and also read the recommendations below.

The best remedy is to stay away from this sector or try to use it less frequently. You can also use more blue in your decoration. Do not use anything of fire element or colours red to control it as this may aggravate it and don’t forget that the negative influence of the monthly stars are usually of the earth elements.

Cure and enhancement summary for #7 star in the southeast in 2019

  • You should try to introduce some blue colours in your decoration. You can introduce the colour by using cushions, rugs, bed covers, doormats or anything else you can think of.
  • Do not use anything that is associated to the fire element or colours such as red to control it as this may aggravate it.
  • Avoid candles at all costs. Install or service smoke alarms and security systems.
  • Place a Wen Chang Pagoda in the southeast of your home or office in 2019 for protection
  • Do not hang metal wind chimes here.

Ken 8 White can be found in the centre in 2019

The #8 Ken white star is the most auspicious governing Flying Star for the next six years while we are in period 8 (2004-2024) and in 2019, we have the annual #8 star trapped in the centre and will need some very powerful enhancers to free the wealth star and enhance its positive energy for the year of the Yin Earth Pig. The central palace tends to resonate throughout the other eight palaces, so it is important that this area is treated with the appropriate cures and recommendations below. If you have activated the centre of your home or office for 2019 and have a main door, office, bedroom or any other important room that is used frequently in the centre this year, this is great news for you and you should make the most of this lovely influence.

As with every new Solar year in Feng Shui, it is vital to place a very special Master cure and the most powerful and important cure, and enhancer in 2019 is called a Madaochenggong Master Cure, and this cure must only be used in a Yin Earth Pig (Ji Hai) year; this powerful amulet and protective talisman cure is used during Yin Earth Pig years to enhance the annual #8 wealth star. This cure is used to protect and enhance wealth and good luck in 2019, and because the centre has no gender, this cure enhances wealth for all members of the home or office. This is the most vital cure for the whole of any home or office which is why we have included it in all of our 2019 Cures and Enhancers kits.

Whilst wealth is forecasted in 2019 for the centre, beware of overworking as this can cause health problems. The extra work will bring a good income but be careful of your health; in particular, stress related problems as this can bring high blood pressure or kidney problems. You should make time for your family as whilst it is nice to enjoy the success we can often overlook things that are far more important like the ones we love and also our health. If you are older you need to be careful with limbs and joints so please take care in the icy weather and no risky sports if you have a bedroom in the centre.

The Dui Ou Lung wealth and success Talisman is an extremely powerful and much-needed cure and enhancer in 2019 because the annual #8 wealth star is locked in the centre palace (heaven heart) in 2019 and without this essential cure and enhancer it can cause many wealth problems and bad luck for a home or business. This very special cure and enhancer talisman are needed in 2019 not only to protect wealth but also to enhance it and the reason why we have included this in all our annual Feng Shui kits this year.

Cure and enhancement summary for #8 star in the centre in 2019

  • Hang a faceted crystal sphere in this area of the house near the window or door. Hang it above head height and twist now and again.
  • The red three-legged toad can be placed here. Make sure the toad is facing into the house and not towards the door and the coin is never taken out of his mouth.
  • Hang a Dui Ou Lung wealth and success Talisman in the centre of your home or office for 2019
  • Introduce some fire colours into the centre to balance the energies, a quick and easy way is using bed covers, rugs, table covers, sofa throws etc.
  • Place a Madaochenggong Master Cure for wealth protection in the centre in 2019
  • If your bedroom is here, you can also place an amethyst or any crystal items in the southeast of the bedroom to further strengthen the earth element of the benevolent 8.
  • A good romance enhancer is a pair of rose quartz Mandarin Ducks in the centre this year.
  • Keep area active with open windows and doors (yang energy) although please be aware of noise levels.

Li 9 Purple is found in the northwest in 2019

You Bi Li 9 Purple can be found in the northwest in 2019 and this can cause mixed results and can bring both fortunate and unfortunate results when left untreated during the year of the Pig as we also have Tai Sui locted here for the year.

To enhance the auspicious #9 star in the northwest during 2019, I would recommend placing a Three immortals Statue in the northwest to protect and enhance the energy of this area for 2019 and also enhance wealth and overall luck for the year.

If you want to enhance fertility you can display peanuts in shells (groundnuts) or any seed products like black or red melon seeds (Gua zi). In Mandarin, peanuts are called ‘hua-sheng’ and for the Chinese this word is onomatopoeic in that the sound of it means the birth of many children. You should display them anywhere in the bedroom and of course be careful if anyone in the home suffers with nut allergies.

The traditional method to appease Tai Sui is to place a Xie Tai Tai Sui plaque to pay respect and appease the deity. By paying respect to Tai sui, you can avoid the problems that are prevalent with this annual affliction. These are two key cures for the northwest in 2019 although please do not worry if you cannot afford these; there are a lot of other options you can implement to weaken the troubles that Tai sui can bring.

Cure and enhancement summary for #9 star in the northwest in 2019

  • Healthy green leafy plants or blue flowering plants such as violets are good for this area.
  • Fresh flowers displayed here will bring positive qi too.
  • Place a Three Immortals statue in the northwest of your home and office
  • Symbolic objects such as a gold abacus or six Chinese coins can be placed here all year round to enhance benevolent influence and at the same time dissipate the malevolent influence by the visiting monthly #2 and #5.
  • Place a Xie Tai Tai Sui plaque in the northwest of your home or office for 2019 to appease Tai Sui

Spend as much time as you can reading this report, save it and print it to read at your leisure as it can save you from a lot of problems. You don’t have to buy any cures and enhancers and I hope you agree I have always given you alternatives to the traditional cures and enhancers but if you do decide to buy a cures and enhancers kit you should read what some of our clients say about annual cures kits, not only do they offer you protection they enhance the beneficial areas, click on the banner below to read some of the thousands we received over the years.

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