Feng Shui Art

Feng Shui and art is an important factor and often overlooked by a Feng Shui consultant. You can use art to introduce elements like a volcano for a fire element or a picture of a lake for a yin water element and a beach with lovely white surf for a yang water element. You can also use colours of a painting, so a blue painting could also be considered a water element or a yellow one an earth element.

Using colours and art in Feng Shui is very important and often causes many problems if used incorrectly, look an image carefully before buying and placing in your home or office. If you place a family photo or a photo of a loved one in the southeast in 2012 it could cause problems with that person as the southeast has the #5 calamity star in 2012.

Please spend some time looking over this website as it contains the most valuable information on traditional Feng Shui that you will probably ever find.

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