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As you may be aware, we are one of the oldest Feng Shui companies in the world and our website has evolved so much since 1999. Throughout our time on the web, we have always aimed to make your journey in Feng Shui as easy as possible. You will find a few pages here that will hopefully give you all the support and information you need from our company. If there is anything that has not been covered, please fill in the form below to add your suggestions.

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24 Responses to Feng Shui Store Support Pages

  1. we want to cut a tree down at the front of our house which is east facing and we want to do this on mon 5th march is this ok.thanks

  2. Kit says:

    Is placing a himalayan salt lamp in a room good or bad feng shui? Which element do they represent? Can I place it in the South (fire element)?

    • Michael says:

      Hi Kit,

      The effect of Himalayan Salt Lamps all depends on where they are placed. These lamps represent the Fire Element. The best area to place these in 2012 would be the west or southwest.

      Kind regards,


  3. Karen Coultas says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I have three immortals that are a dark brown colour. What would be the best area to display them this year please?

    Many thanks

    kind regards Karen

    • Michael says:

      Hi Karen,

      these should be placed in the southwest or northeast in 2012.

      Hope this answered your question and you are all well :)

      Kind regards,


  4. Chris says:

    I am not sure when it comes to the different living areas of my house if I need to choose based on my Kua along or based on the year flying stars?.
    For instance NW is one of the best this month of September together with W.
    I have kitchen on the west and dining on the NW but NW and W are not a good areas for me since I am a 9 Kua…. Not sure whether I should spend time in this area or not. And all the ones that are good areas (N,S,E and SE ) for me area somehow troubled… : (

    • Michael says:

      Hi Chris,

      It is always best to use both side by side. For example, if the west is a bad direction for you but it is a good direction on a certain month or year, this will not be as harmful for you as the annual or monthly stars counterbalance the area. This works the same way for Auspicious directions based on your Gua number and inauspicious monthly or annual star areas.

      Kind regards,

  5. Elena says:

    Hello, I was very tempted to buy Five Elements Aspirations Enhancer from this website, but I’m not sure if I can place it in my bedroom in the north sector of the house this year with the Earth #2 flying star? Would I be risking enhancing the Earth element of the star? Unfortunately it’s also Jue Ming/Total Loss mansion of this Period 8 NE1 house. I’m only renting a room so need to focus only on this sector of the house and need all the enhancements I can get for career and wealth this year… I’ve already introduced some white colours and metal figurines to enhance Metal element. Not sure what else can help? I’d very much appreciate your advice.
    Thank you!
    (DOB 16-09-1983, Kua number 7, Water Element)

    • Michael says:

      Hi Elena,

      This cure will be perfect in the north east area of your room as this is very effective when using small Tai Chi which is when you divide a room into the 9 sectors. A great cure to enhance wealth and career would be the 2012 Master Cure to be placed in the west area of your room.

      Kind regards,

  6. Gillian says:

    Our house is missing two corners sw and se. We have try very large plants in plants is this good another?

    • Michael says:

      Hi Gillian,

      The plants are fine but I would support the plants at the base with some nice size smooth boulders or rocks; the type you would find on a beach around the size of two clenched fists.

      Kind regards,

  7. Gillian says:

    We have a metal bed in the west and no wear to move it to. Is alright there , if not what can I do about it?

    • Michael says:

      Hi Gillian,

      The west has inherent metal energy so generally speaking, the bed is ok there. In the west in 2012, you have a auspicious #8 star which could be weakened by the metal bed but not enough to do much harm. I would place some good quality Quartz Crystal beside your bed.

      Kind regards,

  8. Jen says:

    Hi! I need some help with feng shui in my bedroom. Many articles I have read mention what to do if you have a window, a beam, or a wall in direct line of your bed… but my room is a little different. The entrance/door is on an angle and I can’t find any resources to help me! I’m totally at a loss as what to do! I can email a picture of the layout if needed. Please help!

  9. Sanjib Guru says:


    Today I purchased 2 products from fengshuistore.co.uk, but unfortunately, when payment process running this website going hang and do nothing around 15 minutes. But the amount deducted from my account twice. 2 confirmation mail i received for 2 orders but when i login from website there are no order history exits. Please do the needful as soon as possible.

    Thanks & Regards

  10. Karl says:

    HI, I found out my office is moving me from my current location to another location which is far over the other side. the problem is, the space i’m in has two open entrances and the two other persons in the area all face their backs to the entrances. (our desk setup is ok as we are not facing each other, but rather side by side forming a 3-qtrs circle. how to fix this?

    | |
    | 1 2 |
    | |
    | |
    3 |
    | _________|

  11. Sheri Gomez says:

    I really wanted to purchase 2 items today but I cannot get the price to change to US Dollars. Every time I click on the link it sends me to some other page. Please tell me how to get US dollar prices so I can order:
    the wealth god protector and Talisman for protection
    the 2015 Master cure Ba gua fu pai
    Thank you

  12. Marita says:

    Hi there,
    I have recently been studying the basic feng shui principles. I have decided to start applying them one by one. I was wondering if it would be possible to email an expert for a little advice as I have one or two questions I would like to ask with regards to applying the right basics?
    Many thanks

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