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Feng Shui For Your Business & Career

We consult for large and small companies and individuals who use Feng Shui to improve their business and career and Feng Shui has become very popular in the west, although when I first started using it 31 years ago it was virtually unheard of in this country.

There are two ways you can work with the these Feng Shui tips, if you own a business and have full control of where furniture can be placed, use the whole building, i.e. if I recommend placing a wind chime in the northeast, find the centre of your building or area you occupy, stand there with a compass and find northeast of the building. If however you have an office at home or an office at work, stand in the centre of your office and place the wind chime in the NE of the office.

It gets difficult when you share a space or a large office with many people. If you do occupy a small area of an office or a cubical don’t despair just make sure you face your Sheng Ch’i direction.

Ways to improve business and career for 2012

West is very fortunate for wealth and can be enhanced with fire or colours red etc. Place fire objects or colours here to enhance (fire creates earth). Avoid the use of metals or colours white, silver, gold or copper as the metal will weaken the good earth # 8 star, don’t worry if this area is already painted white just make sure you have plenty of fire or fire colours here and leave lights on as long as you can. A good place to put a three-egged Toad, although do not use a metal one as this will weaken the good earth. You can also assist this area by hanging a crystal faceted hanging sphere to distribute the good energy. You should place all account books or anything to do with finances here.

Northeast is also very prosperous and can be enhanced with earth this is a very good star and increasing in power. You can enhance this area with earth colours such as browns, yellow, beige.

East is a lovely area for relationships and also people who are studying, whatever your business I am sure that communications are important for you and this is the area that needs to be activated to improve relations between clients and employees.

One of the best kept secrets in Feng Shui and there are not many Feng Shui masters who even know how to create this very special cure and it is not just about the content but the thought form and ground quartz crystals embedded into the paint that is used to inscribe onto the brush holder with the engraved talisman and thought forms placed inside the quartz crystal making this an essential cure in 2012 for the east romance star and anywhere you have an auspicious #4 star in your natal chart. With eight mansions Feng Shui these are also perfect for the east for relationships and health. 

For 2012 year of the yang water Dragon to activate business and career you place a Five elements aspiration enhancer (Yuan Zeng Jin). In ancient times this little known master cure was used with a combination of two large real diamonds with eight (Ba) facets along with nine smaller diamonds (eleven in total) ,  you would place a solid gold i-ching coin alongside the eleven diamonds together with a piece of petrified wood quartz crystal.

The idea of having eight facets on each diamond is that it had to be placed in the northeast sector of a building and the northeast is associated with the Ken Trigram which is an earth based #8 star and when combined with an annual #9 visiting star this little known and powerful cure is needed and because it forms a unique combination it is said to magnify your wealth luck by eight times.

Feng Shui tips for business and career.

1) Always try and sit with a solid wall behind your back to ensure that you have support and protection, never sit with a door or corner of wall or cabinet behind you. You can sit with a window behind you as long as it does not have negative Sha Ch’i directed at it like a straight road or corner of building. Place a landscape picture behind you with mountains in the background but try and avoid having water in the image unless a Feng Shui consultant has advised you. Try and arrange your desk so you can see the door (do not sit directly in front of door) and windows. I know there are many people who cannot arrange their desks like this but try and place a partition behind you.

Good Desk Placement

Bad Desk Placement


2) Avoid having any clutter in your office; desks must be kept tidy and clutter free. This is so important, an office in China would not have paper trays on desks, and many UK and USA companies now employ the same approach. I have just looked at my desk, oops, how does that saying go? “Practise what you preach” that’s why I love writing these newsletters, it reminds me of what I should be doing, I just had a good clear out. Seriously though you would be amazed at how a clear desk can promote a clear mind. If you have heaps of unresolved tasks on your desk or life your mind becomes cluttered, I find this with my emails every day I receive many emails from people asking questions and sometimes I have to leave them for a few days because of other commitments they really play on mind after 3-4 days and I sit down and clear them all and automatically my mind becomes clear again.

4) If you own a shop try and place the till in the west or northeast in 2012, even your petty cash tin.  Order books can also be placed here with Chinese coins. Your till should have a solid wall behind it for protection and it is said that if you place a mirror beside it, this represents a doubling of turnover, we never tried it but a Jeweller client of ours did and swears by it, also hang a crystal faceted sphere over your till, this one we have as it looks great especially when the sun hits the crystal.

5) If you own a shop or office do not place large vases or containers near your entrance as they collect valuable qi that comes through your door and leaves little to circulate around the business. A common mistake many people make is placing an umbrella vase close to a door, these are very bad and harbour much negative qi.

8 ) Never get tempted to have your business name on a carpet or doormat, this is the quickest way to bankruptcy, you will basically have thousands of people stamping their dirty feet all over your business name.

11) To boost your career this year 2012,  place all job applications in the east along with a blue cloth, or you can write the names of companies you would like to work for and place the list here. This also applies to promotions write down what you would like to achieve and place the list in a dark blue envelope and place in east of home of your office.

12) Never place a mirror opposite the main door to an office or shop, this will not let any energy into the building and actually put people off entering, mirrors can alos scare some people.

© Daniel Hanna 2012

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