Feng Shui is more than just the home

Earlier this week in the UK, newspapers published the hidden sugar content in different food and drinks available everywhere with Drinks like Ribena exceeding your recommended daily intake of sugar with an enormous 70 grams of sugar in a 500ml bottle!

Imagine if all that sugar that you drink when you are thirsty was actually clutter going in to your home rather than your mouth, it wouldn’t be good, would it?

Feng Shui applies to all aspects of our life including our own bodies and the way we care for them. now don’t get me wrong, I love my fizzy drink and take away food as much as everyone else! The point I am trying to make is that we should (including myself) check what we are actually putting into our bodies before we eat and drink as all of these high sugar levels and additives in food and drink can have a very negative effect on our health which can effect the well being of ourselves.

think of your body as your own home; you wouldn’t fill your house with clutter and overuse an element in a certain area as it could end up having a negative effect on your home.

I have added an image below that I found on the internet showing just how much Sugar is in these drinks.

What do you think about the image above? It would be great to get some input on what you all think.

Have a great day, Daniel

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