Update – Wednesday 22nd August 2012

Hi everyone, as of Friday 24th until 3rd September, I will be away from the office but there will still be someone on Facebook and the site to post and reply to peoples questions.

I am off to Lourdes in France with my brother Sean and cousin Ciro visiting as a Brancardier (French for stretcher-bearer) with the Northampton Catholic Association and will be helping the sick and elderly on the plane, at the hospitals, get around Lourdes and whatever else is asked of us for the next 7 days.

I have to admit, I don’t think any of us realised just how much work was involved when we decided to volunteer for this trip; our day starts about 5am and finishes around half 10 to 11pm at night but I am excited to visit Lourdes and meet new people from different walks of life.

More than six million people visit Lourdes every year to be healed, I’m sure this will be an amazing experience and I will be sure to get lots of photos and do an article of my trip and the experience of being there.

I’m still in the office today and tomorrow so it would be great to hear if anyone here has been to Lourdes and what they thought of it.

Have a great day


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