20 Feng Shui tips for your business and career

20 Feng Shui tips for your business and career

“Many people get tired these days- caused by mountain climbing over molehills”

Since we opened the Feng Shui Store back in 1999, we have worked with hundreds of companies who have turned to Feng Shui to enhance their business as it has become more and more recognised as a way to increase finances and wealth. You would be amazed at the size of the companies that the Feng Shui store supply to, some very big names that you all would have heard off and for obvious reasons I cannot disclose them and it is not our manner to brag. The companies we work with report that when they apply these helpful tips and enhancers they are amazed at the results. Here are 20 of the most useful tips without seeing the property which requires a great deal of work:

20 of the most valuable tips for enhancing your Career with Feng Shui

1)      You should always sit with a solid wall behind your back to ensure that you have support and protection, never sit with a window behind you. Place a landscape picture behind you with mountains in the background, this will give you support and make sure you face the door.


2)      Show respect to your colleagues, make a happy environment and don’t forget that “appreciation is always appreciated”. Nothing to do with Feng Shui but the ethos and principals are the same and in my opinion, this comes down to the laws of Karma.

3)      The arrangement of tables and chairs should be in a harmonious position so that chi is able to flow smoothly around them. Try to position the room so that if there was a small child running around, he could weave in and out of different areas.

4)      If you wish to be the leader in your industry, place a statue of a dragon on the right hand side of your desk facing towards the window or the door. The Dragon can also look into your water fountain if you have one in your office although please consult with a qualified Feng Shui Consultant about the position of the water fountain as this can cause problems if you do not place the fountain in the right place. A Dragon always chases after a pearl, thus the window; water fountain can signify the pearl.

Dragon Feng Shui

5)      If you own a shop, try to place the till in your wealth corner, even your petty cash tin if you cannot move your till.  Order books and invoices can also be placed here with Chinese coins held together with red ribbon to get an idea of good items for an office, take a look here. Your till should have a solid wall behind it for protection and it is said that if you place a mirror beside it, this represents a doubling of turnover, also hang a crystal faceted sphere over your till.

6)      You should not have any cactus or sharp looking plants in your office as these plants have small sharp leaves and therefore causes sha chi in the office. The chi that rides on the wind will have to pass through them causing chi to be fierce and sharp.

7)      In a manager’s office you should try not to choose a room with two separate doors, because the Ch’i will go into that room and out the other door. This may not be possible, if not place a crystal faceted sphere to slow down and disperse the Ch’i.

8)      The chi from the main entrance of your office should not meet a wall as it enters inside the office. This is because once the Ch’i hits the wall it has to turn and therefore causes it to slow down; hence your businesses transactions will become slow and not vibrant. Try using a hanging faceted crystal in your office entrance this will enhance and activate Ch’i.

9)      Try not to have open bookshelves as the corners are poison arrows directed at you, cover with a door or curtain.

10)  Do not place any empty vases next to the main door; once the new Ch’i enters your office it will be sucked into the vase, causing nothing much left for the environment around the office or business.

11)  The same rule for spring cleaning your home applies to your office or shop; throw out or dead file any negative projects you have worked on, or any unfavourable legal cases as these will stagnate the Qi in the office.

12)  The company signboard should be in the wealth area so that no other competitors can be strong enough to beat you at your game. For more information on finding your wealth area, I would recommend asking a well-known Feng Shui Consultant or maybe take a look at our Feng Shui Software to calculate all your best directions and much more

13)  Place an indoor fountain in your wealth corner, to activate Ch’i. These also have amazing medical benefits.

14)  Try to keep your office as clutter free as possible; desks must be kept tidy and clutter free; this really is so important. An office in China would not have paper trays on desks, and most UK and USA companies now employ the same approach. I have just looked at my desk, oops, how does that saying go? “Practise what you preach” that’s why I love writing these newsletters, it reminds me of what I should be doing, I just had a good clear out.

15)  Place a hanging faceted crystal in your window, this will activate Qi as well as looking fantastic, when the sun hits them they produce the most amazing rainbows. You have probably gathered by now I love using crystals in my home and office as the effects really are amazing.

16)  Three legged Toad God. This figure is used for attracting wealth and abundance. Place this wonderful creature near your front office entrance, facing into your office for luck and wealth, or place it in the wealth sector of your office to magnify your wealth luck. You should always leave the coin in its mouth.

Three legged toad god

17)  Crystal ball, apart from looking into the future you can place on top of phone to encourage more business calls. This also helps to attract wealth and good luck, a great all round cure that every office should have.

18)  Fu Dogs Male & Female, these protective animals are placed near your doorway of your office to protect from evil influences. They are a symbol of valour and prosperity.

Fu dogs

19)  Ba Gua Mirrors, if you have any negative energy directed at your front office door, a Ba Gua mirrors will disperse the negative energy.

20)  This last one may seem very strange…. Knickers, you heard right, yes, they say if you wear red knickers to an interview, your chances are greater of being offered a position, even a visit to your bank manager. Now I have to say this only applies to the ladies, I don’t want any men saying to their partners, that the Feng Shui Store told me to wear them. I suppose red Y fronts or boxers would have the same effect. Just to clarify, you don’t just wear the knickers; it would be advisable to wear other clothes on top, although maybe that’s why I am getting such good feedback on this one.

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