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2011 Chinese New Year Couplets

©This document was originally written and published by Michael Hanna and has been  Revised by Daniel Hanna 2011

You can present these as gifts to loved ones to send good wishes to your friends and family. These Talisman Couplets and the Kitchen God make a really lovely, personal gift to someone when you print them out and give as a present unconditionally to a friend, relative or co-worker on or around the Chinese New Year although they can be given and placed at any time of the year.Chinese New Year Talismans and the Kitchen God are on of the most traditional festive items that have been used all over the world as wall decorations because of their auspicious attributes. These decorations would usually be printed in black ink on bright red paper; it is recommended that you hang these talismans around your home or on your main doors of the home.

These two projects below are a great activity for people of all ages, these projects are great for schools as children will especially find this interesting as it teaches them the cultures of another country. If you are a school teacher please feel free to download this file and use it in your classroom. You can download the printer friendly version by the banners at the top and bottom of the page.

The Couplets/Talismans are usually used by most businesses all around the world and families.

Red is seen as a very lucky colour in Feng Shui and it is said to frighten off the New Year monster who arrives and destroys peoples crops and homes. The new year monster has three weaknesses: noise, sunshine and the colour red.

The Villagers used to build gigantic fires and would paint their doors to their houses red with red couplets behind the doors; they would set off firecrackers to scare the new year monster away. The colour red also represents good fortune, fame and riches in a Feng Shui point of view.

These Couplets/Talismans can be hung outside your home, flat or office beside the main door and also inside in important rooms like the kitchen, bedroom and lounge all throughout 2011.

The couplets/talismans are also hung either side of the cooker or hob. They are normally hung for two months after the New Year (3th February 2011) although a large majority of people leave them all year round for continued good luck.

Printing Instructions

I have copied two versions for you all below.

you can print one of these versions straight from your colour printer and the other you can colour in yourself or print onto red paper, this is a really nice educational project to give to children and if you are a school teacher please feel free to print this out and use in your class, all we ask is you do not alter or change any of the text on there.

Black & white version:

If you have some red card or paper, you can print the Couplets/Talismans straight onto this or of if you wish to make it a family event, you can get your children or yourself to colour it in.

It is very common for the family to get involved and usually the head of the household is given the job of placing the couplets.

Hanging Instructions:

Cut the couplets in half from top to bottom and place on each side of your main doors, you should also place on either side of your cooker or hob.

These very powerful Couplets/Talismans are traditionally left on the door or cooker area for two months after Chinese New Year although many families leave them all year round for continued good luck but they must be renewed each year so save this document for every year and pass onto as many friends and families as you can as it is considered very auspicious to receive a couplet especially without charge.

2011 Couplets

© Daniel Hanna – Feng Shui Store 2011

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