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2012 Flying Stars – 7 star

Tui 7 Red Tui Po Jun enters the northwest in 2012.

The mischievous Po Jun 7 quarrelsome star is a undesirable influence. The trigram Tui is also known as the ’Broken Soldier’ and this is considered an aggressive star which could cause problems if left alone especially as it has flown into the northwest which is a metal area and whilst this puts metal and metal in neutral it can still cause conflict and denotes assault, deceit, violence and robbery.

An imperative cure in 2012 and because the annual afflictions are so bad in the northwest, you should place a gold coloured Pi Yao in the northwest facing towards the southeast.

This cure is one of the most protecting cures you can use in Feng Shui and also a influential enhancer. The Pi Yao is an extremely powerful Dragon that is used to appease the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui).

A traditional cure and enhancer for the #7 star is the Shuang Ding cure, the unique way the seven i-ching coins along with the dual ingots have been arranged gives balance to the yin and yang when the #7 star visits the northwest palace, as the small metal and large metal meet with this cure the elements balance each other.

Summary for year:

If you have an office or door in the northwest be cautious of people trying to betray you, robbery, arguments and loss of wealth, always look at the very small print and be careful as this star normally causes problems with people you know and thought you could trust.


• You should also use more blue, grey, black or charcoal colours in your decoration. You can introduce the colour with cushions, rugs, bed covers or doormats.

• Do not use anything of fire element or colours red to control it as this may aggravate it.

• Avoid candles in the northwest at all costs.

• Install or service/upgrade smoke alarms and security systems.

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