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2012 Flying Stars – 9 star

Li 9 Purple You Bi is found in the northeast in 2012.

The 9 Purple is the star of forthcoming wealth and has a favourable power in Period 8. Career opportunities and promotions are probable especially if you have an office or main door in the northeast in 2012.

A very important enhancer to use this year is a pair of male and female chi lin’s as it can be very good for wealth, career and business although you must use only male and female chi lin’s and most pairs bought will come as identical pairs so please be careful placing if you do not have a gender pair. The best way to check is, as you look at them, the one on the right hand side should have a ball under his feet; the ball represents the world and this one is the male. The other left hand one will have either an ingot or cub under her foot this one is the female.

Chi lin’s are also renowned for protection of wealth and against bad luck and the maker of wealth and good fortune and why we had this combination created.

Another imperative enhancer used for thousands of years was a combination of two large real diamonds with eight (Ba) facets along with nine smaller diamonds (eleven in total) and you would place a solid gold i-ching coin alongside the eleven diamonds along with a piece of petrified wood quartz crystal.

The idea of having eight facets on each diamond is that it had to be placed in the northeast sector of a building and the northeast is associated with the Ken Trigram which is an earth based #8 star and when combined with an annual #9 visiting star this little known and powerful cure is needed and because it forms a unique combination it is said to magnify your wealth luck by eight times.

Obviously to do this for the average person like us it would cost hundreds of thousands of pounds and this cure is the next best thing if not better. The quality of the auspicious i-ching coin petrified wood quartz crystal and glass diamonds we have selected is quite stunning and it forms part of a sheng chi cycle in the five elements which is crucial in this cure and enhancer.

The actual element sheng chi cycle is made up with eleven pieces of glass shaped into a fire diamond which provides fire of the shape, fire of the colour of glass which is a mix of pink, clear and amethyst, you then have the earth element in the glass material and some of the diamonds are clear glass giving a water element, you then have a i-ching coin providing strong metal, the petrified wood of course is the wood element and also earth and of course the inherent earth energy of the northeast ken Trigram thus giving a perfect sheng cycle of all of the five elements giving flawless harmony and balance.

As both of these cures are essential in 2012 we have included them standard in all our 2012 cures and enhancers kit.

Summary for year:

Be mindful of the negative influences during March, May and August and check the monthly Xuan Kong flying stars.

You don’t have to buy any cures and enhancers from us and I hope you would agree I have always given you alternatives to the traditional Feng Shui cures and enhancers but if you do decide to buy a cures and enhancers kit you should read what some of our clients say about annual cures kits, not only do they offer you protection they enhance the beneficial areas, click on the banner below to read some of the thousands we received over the years.

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