5 of the most powerful and essential Feng Shui Cures

With Feng Shui becoming more popular every day, we have watched it grow more and more commercial over time; as one of the oldest Feng Shui companies online, we have always stuck by our ethos and carefully hand picked every single product we sell to the public to make sure that we do not get wrapped up in the gimmicky side of Feng Shui.

I have seen some of the most ludicrous products on the market over the last few years ranging from toilet brushes priced around £60 ($90) that are promised to help cleanse your  bathroom of negative Qi to Feng Shui t-shirts that are said to improve your life just by putting a t-shirt on. As fantastic as this sounds, these products will not actually do much more than give you a clean toilet bowl; Feng Shui has been extremely watered down with its ever growing popularity and I feel that it is leading people away from powerful, traditional cures that actually get results.

Feng Shui is not about placing hundreds of Cures around your home or office to get results, you just need to make sure you get a good balance which is why I have written this article to give you advice on my top five Feng Shui Cures that get the strongest results.

1) 2012 Annual Cures Kit

2012 annual feng shui cure kit

Ok, so its not a specific cure but our Annual Feng Shui Cures Kit is possibly one of the most important kits for your home and office. These kits change yearly around the Chinese New Year but nearly every part of the kit can be re-used around the home or office when they are needed. The Annual Cures Kit covers every area of the home for the current year including Wealth, Health, relationships, Career, Romance, Study and so much more. The kits can be used right up until the day before Chinese New Year which makes the 2012 kit usable until 10th February 2013. You will find more information on our Annual Cures Kits by clicking This Link

2) Three Legged Toad God

The Three Legged Toad God is one of the most overlooked Cures which is a shame as it is an extremely powerful Wealth and Abundance enhancer. You should place this wonderful creature near your front door, facing into your home for luck and wealth, or place it in the wealth sector of your living room or office to magnify your wealth luck. You should always leave the coin in its mouth. You will find more information on Three Legged Toad Gods by clicking This Link

3) Kwan Yin

Also known as Quan Yin Goddess of mercy and compassion. It is said that anyone who calls on her will be rescued from harm and bad health. When placed in a room she cleanses the home of negative influences, including arguments, martial problems and illness. Kwan Yin is also the protector of all children and women and brings compassion and love into your home. A must for anyone looking to strengthen or enhance a relationship with your partner or children, she also is said to enhance fertility. You will find more information on Kwan Yins  by clicking This Link

4) Pi Yao

Pi Yao is one the most popular symbols used in Feng Shui and recommended by virtually all Feng Shui Masters. It is the ninth son of the Heavenly Dragon and has different names as shown above. Pi Yao lives in the heaven and they are best shown sitting on Chinese coins to signify your fortune being protected, making it a powerful wealth and luck enhancer.

The Pi Yao provides a minimum of six blessings as follows:

Conducts good luck and fortune 
2. Generate good Feng Shui or earth luck 
3. Enhances wealth and riches 
4. Protects individuals and building 
5. Protects against evil forces, obstacles and hardship 
6. Brings unexpected windfall luck 

Pi Yao is also used a guardian Dragon to emperors and high officials in days old. Because of its capabilities to drive away evil and enhancing wealth, it would benefit those earning a living in the finance industry like banks, FOREX markets, entertainment and media, casinos, betting and stock market. It is said to bring good luck and protection all year round. You will find more information on Pi Yao’s  by clicking This Link

5) Ba Gua Mirror

Ba Gua mirrors are also known as pa kua mirrors and this is a very powerful cure and you should also place them if you have negative Sha Chi outside your home or office like a lamp post, telephone pole, tall trees etc. A powerful protector of wealth and deflector of negative sha qi energy. You should never use plastic Ba Gua mirrors as they do not show signs of wear and this is why we use wood as when it starts to wear from the wind and sun (qi) you know it is time to replace it. You will find more information on Ba Gua Mirrors  by clicking This Link

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  1. Marcus Knoff says:

    I have been a follower of Feng-shui for many years and is a believer of cures. One of the best that I have come across is th blessed Tibetan Wealth Vase which i bought a few years ago from a tidy shop in Malaysia – Kechara Paradise i think its called. How come there is so little mention of wealth vases in traditional feng shui? They have been proven to be the best cure for me so far.

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