Entrance Ways and Feng Shui

Entrance Ways and Feng Shui

It is important that the flow of qi from the front to the back of your home is not hindered. It is also best to have it flow through in a meandering path and not a direct line. Entrance ways off the street or through your garden to the front door will determine the qualities of qi that flow into your home. Therefore it is important to use curved pathways or garden beds. Breaking up the direction of pavers to allow curved lines will also help. A birdbath, fountain or a small pond along the way will bring balance and improve the qualities of qi.

Too large a doorway will allow qi to escape from your home. If this is a problem for you it can be easily counteracted by placing a faceted crystal outside the door. This will also discourage Sha qi (negative energy) from entering your home. Too small a doorway will not allow enough qi to enter the home, but placing a mirror on either side of the door or on a wall opposite the door will help to fix the problem.

If the back door can be seen from the front door, qi can flow straight through your home without circulating. Placing a large potted plant or a screen in between the two will break up the straight lines and help to deflect qi.

The entrance hall is most auspicious in terms of Feng Shui as it is the place where one might pause upon entering or leaving the home, thus being energized by the qi that flows through it. Entrance halls that have no windows or doors leading from them or are enclosed in some way can cause qi to stagnate. Again mirrors or a ceiling fan or maybe a small water fountain will solve this problem.

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