Feng Shui and staircase

Stairways and Feng Shui

From a Feng Shui aspect poorly positioned stairways can cause problems in the way they defect qi. A stairway directly opposite the front door will allow most of the qi to rush through and up to the next level causing the ground floor to starve. MirrorsWind chimes, potted plants and screens are all effective ways of slowing down the movement of qi in this case.

If you have an open stairway that uses risers as opposed to filled in steps it will not allow enough qi to flow to the next floor. Placing plants beneath the stairs will help to deflect qi upwards, thus allowing the flow to continue. A skylight over the stairs will also help improve the situation.

Stairways that curve along their path are obviously ideal, but what can be done to help if there is too sharp a bend. Again we solve this dilemma with the use of mirrors, plants or Wind chimes.

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