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 Valuable authentic Feng Shui tips on how to improve your wealth, business and career for 2012.

Written by Michael Hanna February 2012

As we enter another year of recession for many parts of the world we thought it would be prudent to see how we can further enhance wealth, career and business flying stars in 2012.

Over the next few days you will find some valuable and little known tips, cures and enhancers in the article although please do not expect the usual McFeng Shui instant tips that promise untold wealth without doing any work. These are authentic and some are closely guarded Feng Shui secrets that are not normally revealed to the public and the great news is you do not have to spend any money to enhance these areas.

Day 1 – Tip #1…

The West of your home or office:  this area is very fortunate for wealth, career and business in 2012

You should place real quartz crystals or ceramics in the north, if you have a garden that falls in the west you can place a pile of eight smooth rocks/stones outside to give support and activate the #8 star. The size of the rocks/stones should be relative to the size of your garden, so if you have a normal size garden use stones between the size of a golf ball and man’s size fist although if you have a large garden use football size stones and there must be eight in total. You can also use this enhancer inside your home but you should only use eight small stones around the size of a walnut.

Regardless of where the stones are placed they must be fairly smooth and no sharp sides (an example shown below) and you must leave some of the mud/dust that came from the stones and the stones must not be purchased. If you can obtain the stones from your ground this is even better but if not go to a park or field as close to your home as possible but please do NOT purchase the stones from a garden centre or similar as it will not work as they work in synergy with the land and home.

This Feng Shui enhancer is not known to many Feng Shui masters and as a master we cannot profit financially from giving this advice although where we do profit is from good Karma and often this overlooked by so many and whilst we may not see a direct benefit it will come to us in some form to us or our ancestors. For you to enhance your Karma you should share this article or at least the “eight stone enhancer” with as many people as possible as helping them will help you in some way or another. Use the share icons above and below as these make it very easy for you.

This area can be enhanced with fire and earth or colours shades of red, pink, purple, orange burgundy, beige, taupe or any fire or earth colours. You should avoid the use of metals or colours white, silver, gold or copper as the metal will weaken the good earth #8 star, don’t worry if this area is already painted white or other metal colours just make sure you have plenty of fire or earth colours here and leave lights on as long as you can as this will lift the auspicious qi in the west.

Place your business card or headed paper here and also a good place to put a three-legged Toad close to them, although do not use a metal or metal coloured one as this will weaken the good earth, a red Toad is always best with the #8 star. You can also assist this area by hanging a crystal faceted hanging sphere to distribute the good energy. You should place all account books or anything to do with finances here. If you have a bathroom here, make sure you keep the toilet lid closed when flushing and keep the room spotlessly clean and I would not recommend keeping account books in a bathroom or other wet room although you should still place the cures and enhancers here especially the 8 stone cure.

Another very important cure and enhancer in 2012 is called a Ba Gua Shi Master cure and can only to be used in Ren Chen (yang water Dragon) year, the last time this powerful cure would have been used was in 1952. This cure is needed to enhance and protect in 2012 especially for the female of a home or office.

This cure is only known to a few specialist Feng Shui Masters and in the old days and even now in Asia you would need to employ an expert Feng Shui Master to call at your home or business and the Master would spend hours carving the secret inscriptions onto an earth plate shaped in a ba gua eight sided piece of slate or marble, which would then be placed in the west of your home or business and then setting the special quartz crystals, i-ching coin and the magical arrow head (Shi) placed on the ba gua earth plate would have a marking on it showing that the arrow must point towards the Sun palace of the southeast as this is where the #5 yellow star along with Grand Duke (Tai Sui) is located in 2012 and you must have protection against loss of wealth in 2012.

This is a very powerful cure and enhancer for wealth, health, relationships and protection in 2012 and because this cure is essential we decided to include it standard in all our 2012 cures and enhancers kit although if you cannot use this cure try at least to use the eight stone cure that I speak about above, it will cost you nothing and you have so much to gain.

If you have some space outside into west try and brighten this area up keeping it spotlessly clean and do not let any moss or algae build up or this will cause problems with wealth. Plant some lovely fire or earth coloured plants all year round and having them in terracotta pots is even better as this is the best quality earth element. You have to try and create what is known as “Ming Tang” which I am writing an article on at the moment and will post in a few days’ time so stay tuned.

My best advice for the west in 2012 is you must try to make sure this area is spotlessly clean and do not let it get cluttered with coats, bags, shoes junk as this will seriously affect the energy and if the west falls into a bathroom or similar wet room this must be kept spotless. Check the website in a few days for some more Feng Shui tips on improving wealth, business and career in 2012.


Click here to view more information on the Ba Gua Shi Master Cure 2012.

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