Feng Shui and weather – How does it affect Qi?

This may seem like a strange article but different weather conditions really can affect the Feng Shui in and around the home.

What are the main present elements usually around the outside of the home?

Earth: When we have serious rain droughts, the earth becomes dry and life begins to deteriorate which can affect the external flow of Qi (Chi) that enters the home. If you live in a very dry country, a great and effective cure for this is to plant fresh potted plants along the entrance to your home similar to the picture below and remember to keep them watered and as fresh as possible as this will attract a lot of fresh Qi to enter the home. Be sure to keep the entrance nice and clear as large plants will block the entrance to your home. A very powerful cure to attract Qi is to place a Ba Gua Shi Master Cure in the West in 2012; this extremely effective cure will help to attract Wealth, protection, relationships, health and more throughout the year.


feng shui and doorways
feng shui and doorways



When we have a lot of rainfall, dirt is lifted from the ground and we pick this up daily on the bottom of our shoes which ends up getting all over your door mat; Keeping the entrance of your home Is extremely important as this is where the majority of Qi enters your home and brings new life in to your home.

A dirty door mat blocks Qi and deters Qi from entering your home; be sure that you keep your front entrance as clean as possible and try to keep your door mat clean and in good condition (I usually change mine every six months). You don’t need to keep replacing your doormat; a good soak will lift all the dirt out and bring it back to life.

Wood: In countries where there is hardly any rain, it can be very difficult for plants and trees to grow. I have added a list of plants that require very little water to stay healthy. Fresh plants will attract fresh Qi to flow around your home.

Agapanthus africanus – Lily of the Nile
Campanula poscharskyana – Serbian Bellflower
Raphiolepis umbellata – Yeddo Hawthorn
Lavandula species – Lavender
Feijoa sellowiana – Pineapple Guava
Cercis occidentalis ‘Alba’ – Western Redbud ‘Alba’
Fremontodendron species – Flannel Bush (Fremontia)
Cistus species – Rockrose
Cercidium species – Palo Verde
Rosemarinus officinalis – Rosemary

In the wetter seasons of the year, when there is a lot of rainfall, plants and trees will get a lot of new life in to them and you should be sure to keep everything as neat as possible; the tidier the area, the more Qi (Chi) will be generated. I would recommend placing a 6 Rod Metal Wind Chime in the Southeast of the outside of your home or business in 2012 to attract a lot of fresh Qi (Chi) to your home or business.

I am far from a garden expert but this is my Feng Shui Analysis on plant life and weather affecting how Qi flows around the home internally and externally.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading this.

Warm wishes,


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