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Feng Shui Cures Kit Testimonials

This is a very small collection of the thousands of e-mails we proudly receive each year commenting on our annual Feng Shui cures kit.

These cures are little known and although many websites have tried to copy them from us they have not quite got the ingredients right. This kit is not some gimmicky cures put together, they are very powerful cures that Masters throughout the world use. It does not matter how late in the year you place your cures as they can be reused the following year.


Dear Michael & Jo,

Words cannot describe how much I feel indebted to you, not only have you supported me with your generous time in answering my emails but also with the annual cures kit, they are absolutely incredible, the salt water cure is amazing you can feel and see the negative energy it absorbs and the wind chime sounds so reassuring knowing it is working for me. Ever since I found you my life has improved, thank you.

Shelia (Florida)

Hi Jo

That is absolutely wonderful service, thank you so much. I will inform Tammy when she wakes up. (It’s 5 AM here). I know she will be very surprised and happy. Businesses like yours need to be recognized in the industry as leaders in customer service and satisfaction. If you have a customer recommendations (feedback) area I would be pleased to contribute a letter of recommendation for you products, customer care and satisfaction.

I will keep you posted as to the conclusion of our transaction and look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Again, we offer a sincere Thank you



Hi Jo

As a Feng Shui consultant myself for nearly 7 years I cannot believe the difference your cures have made for me and my clients, the salt water cure is spectacular and although it was unheard of by me and my teachers I see a few other sites have now copied you again, they seem to do that a lot with you. Anyway Jo keep up the good work and thanks for your cures & newsletter I must say I have learnt loads from it.

Warmly Katrina (Spain)

I have bought your annual cures kits for five years and have to say each year it gets better and better if that were possible. I know you say you can keep them and just cleanse them but I feel I get so much power from them I would not want to risk it so I donate the previous years to friends. Thank you for all your help and support over the years and my husband also sends his thanks and that really is saying something as he was a complete cynic, now he is the one who keeps reminding me to check your website each month for the updates.

Forever grateful

Karen & Phillip (UK)

I would like to thank you for your kind assistance for my 1st purchase in your shop.

The items I received (very quickly) are wonderful and some will call it coincidence or superstition but I am starting to feel better and stronger in my everyday life.

For example, the clear quartz made me feel more confident and helped me cope with 2 tough colleagues.

PS: I would like to receive the items below as soon as possible, in fact the quicker you can (just tell me how much for extra fees to France).

Once again, thanks a lot for your wonderful site and service.



Dear Michael,

Thank you so much for your help and advice. As I mentioned to you a couple of weeks ago, my new next door neighbours were having a rather antisocial behaviour. Since they moved in at the end of December and from January to March included, I had the police here four to five times per week. Some weeks every day. The local Councillor came to the house and somehow nothing seemed to work. I was desperate and I felt insecure and intimidated in my own home. Although I kept an incident diary for three months logging all their activities nothing would stop their behaviour.

Finally I thought of calling you on the 31st of March and you told me to put some real fire (candles) in the concerned areas and to take off the paintings that I had on the walls. I did both that very same night and ever since I have not even heard from them any more. I still want to keep fingers crossed but it has been like a miracle. The place is tranquil like before. It is almost as though they had disappeared. I cannot be more grateful Michael.

I just wanted to share this with you and with other Feng Shui readers.

Best regards,

Cristina UK

Dear Jo and all at Feng Shui Store,

Thanks again for you excellent service, my cures kit arrived only two days after I ordered it (it arrived on Feb 4th) when you must have been at your busiest. Thanks again for that.

Best wishes,


I placed my cures kit in June and within a week our fortunes seemed to change, not that we won load of money or such it was just that the home seemed less challenging, problems stopped happening every five minutes, the children transformed overnight. I am so impressed and my salt water cure has gone ballistic.

I love everything about you people, so genuine and with a sincere genuine desire to help others and not just take our money, thank you so so so much.
Linda & family

I appreciate your help with the newsletter very much. Also, I must say that since I placed the salt cure in my house things have changed enough to notice its positive influence.

Thanks to all

Just thought I would drop you a line to say how pleased I am with your products and speed of service, your 2003 cures kit is amazing as was last years, as you know I now have bought 2 more for my family, one of which had already bought one of you last year unbeknown to me, you certainly are popular she is in Australia.

One thing I have noticed is my luck and health has changed for the better almost immediately especially my skin rashes, thanks again.

Loraine (USA,)

PS The Wu Lou is beautiful and I love having it beside my bed.

Even though I purchased your 2002 cures kit towards the end of last year it still helped and I believe saved me from impending disasters, this years is as good and I am so glad I found your site, my only regret is I did not find you years ago.

Roger & Family (UK February)

I would like to say that since having bought 2002 and 2003 cures kit I no longer suffer from colds and flu’s, last year I had to struggle to get to work and I always felt exhausted – I could have slept for 23 hours a day and still felt tired (this was before buying the 2002 cures).

Thank you for all your help – I really look forward to reading your newsletter, as they are always so interesting…

Warm Wishes

Karen (UK)

Just thought I would let you know that having bought your cures kit last year from a recommendation from a friend, the difference it has made is incredible, the sore throats, constant coughs and also wealth problems have disappeared, what a relief I can tell you. Thank you and thank you for the best site I have ever seen on Feng Shui, your newsletter, your information pages and of course your cures are second to none, my Sister and my Parents have all ordered your kits and although Simone has only just put hers in place over the weekend she has already noticed the difference.

Francis (UK)

Dear Jo

My name is Elaine and I live in Connecticut USA. I found your site and immediately subscribed to your FS Newsletter. I find it one of the best advice columns in the Feng Shui world. I am a Feng Shui Consultant as well. I have my own little website. I have been a practitioner for over 10 years and have also taken Lillian Too’s course just as Michael has. I practice the Flying Star Method as taught by Lillian Too, so your views are right in line with mine. I only give out a cure to a client when I can personally vouch for its accuracy myself. In your newsletter last month you gave out instructions for the coin/salt water cure for the 2/5 stars of the south and east. Never having heard of this I tried it and was amazed at its immediate results. Thank you for your time and keep writing great newsletters. I hope to one day do the same, (not copying yours of course) on my small website.

We will be redoing my site in the very near future and would like to know what you think.

Feng Shuily Yours Elaine (USA. December 2002)

I cannot believe the difference your 2003 cures kit has made, even my pessimist of a husband has commented on the difference in the house and I actually caught him looking at your web site the other night. Thanks so much for all your help and I can honestly say I have told everyone I know about your website and in particular your newsletter which is the most entertaining reading I subscribe too.

Forever in your debt

June (UK, February 2003)

Jo, thank you so much for all your help the cures kit is working a treat, things have really calmed down to say the least, in fact nothing short of a miracle. Do you know I have been subscribed to your newsletter for about 2 years now and enjoyed every issue? You have restored my faith in the web and I know you are not just there for the money. Every couple of months I get together with my friends and we look through your site not just for the wonderful products but also the vast information the site has.

Thanks Jo

Sincerely yours

Scarlet (Canada, December 2002)

To all at the Feng Shui store and Jo in particular.

I have just received my 2003 Cure kit and, although I am moving house next week I have already placed those precious items in the necessary locations. They will be carefully packed and taken with me to my new home. I was very pleased with the speed with which my order was processed and thank you all very much.

Heather (UK & France, February 2003)

Your recommended cures within the house were implemented within a few days, the effect was almost immediate with the general feeling of the place being uplifted to a much more friendly and relaxed environment. Most impressively was the effect on my health. For the 18 months prior to your visit I had suffered from a severe allergy reaction in my eyes causing them to almost glow red, my local GP had prescribed all manner of eye drops, anti- histamines and anti-biotics with no effect. However, within a few hours of implementing the water feature in the NE it was gone and quite literally without trace, AMAZING.

The recommended changes to the office weren’t implemented until September but ever since I’ve found all my work coming from recommendations from previous and existing customers to the extent of having to turn people away. Also in December I started seeing a girl whom I’d known for years, it just happened and for a couple of months neither of us could quite believe we were together, what’s more it’s the most emotionally rewarding relationship I’ve ever had and I know we’ll be together for a long time.

Oliver (UK consultation client)

Hello Jo, it is Kim here who asked you for advice on education. You sent me a piece of clear quartz and I placed it where you said. This morning I got a letter and it confirmed a place at the Secondary School we wanted for our daughter through an appeal. I would like to thank you very much for your advice as it has worked. My husband did not believe in feng shui at first but now he does. I will be ordering some items soon when I have made up my mind.

Kim x (UK)

It was the best day I had (in fact) in many years! I feel something has been accomplished today and that we at last can move forward. How can I ever really thank you for what you have done for us?

I just want to say Michael, you professionalism, your sincerity, your presence, just everything, is so genuine. I am totally overwhelmed by you kindness and again, your professionalism.

Thank you for making time for us Michael, where I know you are very busy and that this is a very demanding career with huge responsibilities.

I look forward to our next project together, whatever that may be.

I’m a neophite when it comes to Feng Shui, although a few of my Canadian clients (such as Hongkong Bank) have always used masters for their offices. Your site is thus far the only one I’ve found that provides some actual information, has a warmth to it – not to mention personalyity. Suffice to say, I’m charmed and give thanks for your personalized email.

This is a small collection of testimonials; you will find many more on different parts of our service including consultations, Feng Shui software, shop and more by following this link.

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