Feng Shui desk

Choose your office or study furniture carefully, many clients of ours tend to buy very large desks for small offices thinking bigger is better, this is not the case with anything to do with Feng Shui.

Whether it is a desk for your office or fireplace for your living room always choose a piece of furniture that is in scale to the room, do not get tempted in thinking bigger is better, it will actually work against you if a desk or table is too big for a room. The reason you must use scale for rooms and even gardens is because Qi needs to flow freely and if an item is too big it will not be in harmony or balance of the room.

Did you also know in Feng Shui that desks along with beds, doors and virtually every other object should measure an auspicious dimension? It is such an important aspect of Feng Shui that we incorporated it into our Feng Shui software, if you follow this link you will find more details… Feng Shui Software

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