Free Valuable Feng Shui Tips – Day 1

As I am sure most of you will know, the Feng Shui store is one of the oldest and longest established Feng Shui companies in the world. My parents first started writing the world famous Feng Shui store monthly newsletter around 13 years ago; this instantly attracted an enormous fan base from people all around the world of all walks of life.

The Feng Shui store newsletter now has over 100,000 subscribers and whilst the newsletter has not been delivered recently due to the fact that it creates too much work for us. I have decided to make use of the old newsletters and “go green” by recycling some of my parents content from previous newsletters.

I will be adding content from previous newsletters in the next few weeks filled with probably the most valuable information all about Feng Shui that you will ever receive, the newsletters were famous for their unbiased and non-commercial content.

Essential tips that we have used over the last 31 years and still use to this day:

A great habit to get in to is to keep a diary of all changes you make in the house regarding Feng Shui, if you install a new water feature, erect a fence, cut down a tree, build an extension to the home, move furniture, knock down a wall, repaint a room, change floor colours, replace a main door, install a new indoor pot plant, move bed positions, change your desk location, install a Feng Shui cure, in fact any change you make in the home.

Why keep a diary? If you notice changes in your life good or bad you can easily identify what may have caused it by checking when you moved or changed the inside or outside of your home, a couple of good examples of mistakes I have made this year, no sorry I will correct that, a couple of mistakes Michael, Jo & I have made recently.

Our electric kettle has always been located in the south of our kitchen directly below Michael’s office, it is placed there because when it is switched on it activates the good stars we have in this part of our home and as Michael is a big tea drinker, it serves us well. Well for some reason in March 2009, the electric socket kept tripping the mains power every time we switched it on, when I think about it now, the obvious thing to do was call an electrician and fix it, nope we went for the easy option and moved the kettle to the northeast part of our kitchen which is where the next available electric socket is.

We thought the problem was all sorted but we were wrong. Now you know I said earlier on how I keep a diary of all changes in the home, you guessed it, I did not enter this change, what’s that saying “pot calling the kettle black” how true.

Here I am preaching to you and I make the same mistakes. Back to the story and also to show you how powerful Feng Shui can be, we left the kettle in the northeast for a couple of months and believe this, we have not stopped working, it has been non stop flat out, don’t get me wrong we love our work and are so grateful for all the work we receive but the fact we were working so hard.

Long story cut short, because we moved the kettle to the northeast it was activating the #3 argument star that was present in 2009 (along with our #3 mountain star) and low and behold Michael and I could not work out why we were arguing more, we thought it was because we were overworked and not spending enough time together, I do not like normally  sharing personal problems with you but this I had to, bear in mind Michael and I have been married 29 years in September 2009 and had been together for nearly 34 years, we only argue about twice a year and that will normally last for a couple of hours and then back to best of friends, well from March to April we were arguing (more bickering than arguing) 2-3 times a week and even Michael the diplomat was letting them drag on which is very unusual.

After six weeks we finally sat down and worked out every change we had made, we had bought new furniture for the dining room, a new staircase fitted, a new front door, fence erected and some general decoration all done to improve the Feng Shui for period 8. Michael spent days analysing the flying star for the house and could not see why this was happening until bingo the kettle, he finally realised because we moved the kettle from the south to the east it was activating the #3 argument star. He called our electrician and even managed to get him to visit the same day, moved the kettle and we have not had a cross word since.

The moral of my story is twofold though, the first, always keep a diary of changes you make no matter how small they are and the next is “from something bad comes something good” before we worked out it was the Feng Shui that was causing our problems we sat down and talked and decided that we desperately needed a holiday so we booked three weeks in Thailand on a lovely Island in a lovely villa by the sea, it is a spa resort so plenty of healthy living and good food for all four of us. Had I not moved that kettle we would not have had the arguments and like most previous years, we would not have booked a main holiday and just taken long weekends like we have done over the last four years because we have been too busy.

We have been blessed with many problems over our life, I say we have been blessed because we have learnt from them and although they did not seem like blessings at the time we now look back and think positively about every single problem that life has thrown at us and compared to most our problems are minute, so try and think positively, easy to say I know but believe me most of the time good does come from bad.

We find it so important to take notes of all the changes we make in our home that we designed a section in our Feng Shui software to allow diary notes to be made in the master version. 

I thought this was a great article written by my Mother Josephine, but just remember it’s not just a kettle that can cause this type of problem. For those of us in the UK enjoying the nice weather at the moment, many of us will have fans around the home or office to cool us down which can be very destructive from a Feng Shui point of view. Machines like printers, shredders, scanners and anything that has a vibration when in use can also be destructive (Sha chi) when placed in the wrong area and in 2009 the northeast, west and north were areas to avoid placing these types of machine.

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