Good or bad Feng Shui?

Would you say this house is generally good or bad Feng Shui? I will be answering this question later.

Answer: In my opinion the house is very beautiful and I would happily rent it out for a holiday house for a week or two but from a Feng Shui point of view, it is disastrous! There is no foundation to the house, no roots and no grounding with the earth. This house could cause a huge amount of health problems in my opinion! Although it looks great, doesn’t it?


Good or bad Feng Shui?
Good or bad Feng Shui?
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3 Responses to Good or bad Feng Shui?

  1. Reeta says:

    Terrible Feng Shui the home has no solid foundation to begin with!!!And the water flowing beneath???My God this is not for real is it?

  2. Nick Teh says:

    I don’t think so is good….it is build on a broken bridge….and no solid base to support the structure….

  3. hendra says:

    Good feng shui

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