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Newsletter Testimonials

A small selection of testimonials from around the world – 1999 to 2010

We are into our twelfth year on the Internet and over the years we have built an enviable client base ranging from Princess’s, Ladies and Lords, Sir’s, Count and Countess’s, Doctors, lawyers, many very famous clients and companies which I am sure you have all heard off. We have consulted on Manor houses, Mansions, flats, apartments, studio’s, mobile homes, homes in UK, USA, Canada, Thailand, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Japan, Australia, Germany, Spain, Belgium, France, Bosnia, China, Hawaii, Sweden, Holland, Greece, Dubai, Switzerland, Austria, Malaysia, blue chip companies employing thousands of staff, small and large restaurants, hospitals, pubs, playschools, jewellers, schools, hairdressers, financial houses, brokers and even a church. You name the type of business, we have probably done it although a few new business types still pop up that still amaze us.

On top of all that Michael Hanna and his team are the creators of the world’s most powerful and most widely used Feng Shui software originally developed for himself and then his students, it is now used by hundreds of Feng Shui Masters, Practitioners, Students and thousands of Feng Shui enthusiasts from every part of the world you can think of.

You may think that we have just picked out the good letters, I can honestly say that the only rare negative comments we receive are those that an item may have been broken in the post (rare, but it does happen) or similar. If this does happen we always replace it the same day. This is not a job for us; it is a pleasure, and always a pleasure when we receive e-mails such as those below. Obviously unless agreed beforehand full names have been withheld unless requested as we take our clients confidentiality very seriously.

Feng Shui Newsletter Comments

After re-reading your newsletter I can tell you that the information you gave explained years of techniques in a very valuable way. I have seen courses that for say $50.00 they will answer that question. Even though I’ve been involved for years, I only just grasped that my auspicious directions are for facing and sleeping… I was always avoiding the other sectors and not even enhancing them and felt at a loss. Why shouldn’t I be able to access the fame area just because it’s not a good direction for me? It drove me nuts… Now I understand that I can enhance it, I just cannot face it too much.

If I read this one newsletter on top of the basic knowledge, it would have saved me years of banging my head! You are a treasure!!

Richard (USA)

Without a doubt the best newsletter I have ever received, I have subscribed to them all and they all try and sell you something on the back of it, yours is full of good honest info and not heavy sell, thank you.

Stella (Malaysia)

Hi Jo

As a Feng Shui consultant myself for nearly 7 years I cannot believe the difference your cures have made for me and my clients, the salt water cure is spectacular and although it was unheard of by me and my teachers I see a few other sites have now copied you again, they seem to do that a lot with you. Anyway Jo keep up the good work and thanks for your cures & newsletter I must say I have learnt loads from it.


Katrina (Spain)

Hello everyone, once again thanks for the brilliant and informative newsletter keep up the good work. Warmest regards.

Rolando (USA)

Many Thanks for the newsletter; really enjoyed reading through it and the salt water cure & winchime has helped so much!!! I need it, as I am a Goat!!!!

Sallie (Malaysia)

Hello Jo

This is the second newsletter I’ve had and I want to say how great it is it’s all new to me so I’m still getting to grips with all the terminology etc I especially love the ‘words of wisdom’ at the end – it was if you wrote last months just for me – (I bet loads of people tell you this!) Anyway I, am just starting my own business and the tips you give especially in this months newsletter are fab – I’m certainly going to be following them up – good timing on subscribing and thanks for the information – it really is packed with great stuff

Sarah (USA)

I’m a neophyte when it comes to Feng Shui, although a few of my Canadian clients (such as Hong kong Bank) have always used masters for their offices. Your site is thus far the only one I’ve found that provides some actual information, has a warmth to it – not to mention personality. Suffice to say, I’m charmed and give thanks for your personalized email.

Bunny (USA)

Dear Jo

My name is Elaine and I live in Connecticut USA. I found your site and immediately subscribed to your FS Newsletter. I find it one of the best advice columns in the Feng Shui world. I am a Feng Shui Consultant as well. I have my own little website. I have been a practitioner for over 10 years and have also taken Lillian Too’s course just as Michael has. I practice the Flying Star Method as taught by Lillian Too, so your views are right in line with mine. I only give out a cure to a client when I can personally vouch for its accuracy myself. In your newsletter last month you gave out instructions for the coin/salt water cure for the 2/5 stars of the south and east. Never having heard of this I tried it and was amazed at its immediate results. Thank you for your time and keep writing great newsletters. I hope to one day do the same, (not copying yours of course) on my small website.

We will be redoing my site in the very near future and would like to know what you think.

Elaine (Feng Shui Practitioner 14 years USA)

Jo, thank you so much for all your help the cures kit is working a treat, things have really calmed down to say the least, in fact nothing short of a miracle. Do you know I have been subscribed to your newsletter for about 2 years now and enjoyed every issue? You have restored my faith in the web and I know you are not just there for the money. Every couple of months I get together with my friends and we look through your site not just for the wonderful products but also the vast information the site has. Thanks Jo

Sincerely yours

Scarlet (Canada)

Thank you so much for reading and answering my ramblings. What we’ve learned from you has made such a difference in our lives. I love your August newsletter. It reads as if it were written just for me – it touches on so many issues that we are dealing with – what a wonderful gift!

Thank you.

Teresa (Japan)

Just thought I’d let you know that I find your newsletters very interesting as well as entertaining reading! I would like to feature your piece on The Five Elements on Feng Shui Times.

Nathan (Editor, Feng Shui Times)

This is a wonderful letter, full of fantastic information for everyone! Thank you so much for your time and effort and may you have a GREAT YEAR! Sincerely

Sandi (Australia)

Thank you so much for your attention and information. I always look forward to you letters.

Eric (Canada)

Jo and Michael Happy Chinese New Year! Thank you for the newsletter. It was my first time receiving it and I really enjoyed it.

Tracy (UK)

Thank you from Boston, Massachusetts, USA for this informational newsletter.

Nancy (USA)

Just thought I’d let you know that I find your newsletters very interesting as well as entertaining reading!

Anglea (Italy)

Please send me your January Issue..I love your newsletter..It’s one of the best I’ve read

Diana (UK)

Hello Josephine, Thanks for your e-mail, you made my day with your really funny comments I love the one about the husbands ex girlfriend with the double chin. Will speak to you again, when I have more time on my hands, keep up the good work Kind regards


Hi, Josephine, and thank you so much for your advice. I am actually getting rid of a lot of “things from the past” especially…..I think this is good for all of us….I am a professional astrologer, amongst other things, and since I am a “fixed” sign (Taurus) I tend to hang on to things way to long…thanks again and you have a wonderful week! Sincerely,

Sandi, USA

I am really glad to receive my very first Feng Shui Newsletter. Thanks!


Hi Josephine Thank you for the Feng Shui Newsletter. After reading through it, I am so glad I joined your mailing list. I have known very little about Feng Shui but only recently became interested in the topic and went onto the internet to find out some more information. I look forward to my future learning about Feng Shui! Thanks again.

Karina-South Africa

I do so love your site and will try to implement many of your suggestions in my home and daily living. Look forward to receiving them on a regular basis and also ordering from you in the near future. Elsie-USA Dear Josephine: Thank you very much Josephine for a wonderful newsletter.

Smita-South Africa

I have been greatly enjoying your newsletter and now I see you have a catalogue available. Wow!! Could you please send me one?


Dear Josephine, Your Newsletter is wonderful and filled with terrific information.


This is my first newsletter and I just wanted you to know it is absolutely terrific!! Just what I needed on a Monday morning – thank you!

Sylvia (USA)

I really enjoyed your newsletter; it’s such a change to get a bit of fun feeling in there too. It’s the best I’ve seen yet. Go get them Josephine. I am already looking forward to the next one. Keep well, and happy
Daisy (USA)

Josephine, I don’t want to miss NOT ONE of your wonderful letters to us. AltaVista is dropping all of us on their e-mail. So would you please send your letters to XXXXX

Shirley (USA)

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