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Feng Shui consultation testimonials

A small selection of Feng Shui consultation testimonials from around the world – 1999 to 2010

We are not just another Feng Shui Internet company; we are one of the longest established specialist Feng Shui companies in the world that happens to have a website on the Internet along with staff, offices, warehouse and school.

The Feng Shui Store are a limited registered company (Company Reg. No. 6606748) with full liability insurance who is registered to pay VAT (No: GB 938 0346 17) and PAYE.

With over 86,000 clients throughout the world, websites that receive in excess of two million hits per month and a monthly newsletter which is widely read by over 80,000 Feng Shui Masters, Practitioners and Feng Shui enthusiasts throughout the world and is one of the longest running.

At present we ship our traditional and authentic Feng Shui products to over 119 countries. We regularly appear in newspapers, TV, magazines, we have won many awards and received more testimonials than you can ever imagine.

Our resident Feng Shui Master, teacher, author, mentor and researcher Michael Hanna is one of the most sought after Practitioners in the world and has helped thousands of people from all over the world transform their lives for the better (read what some of our clients have to say?).

A true measure of our success and knowledge is the fact that we are consultants and teachers to other Feng Shui consultants from around the world.

As well as busy Practitioners we also founded and run the world famous International Academy of Feng Shui, attracting students and Feng Shui Practitioners from all over the world including the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Thailand, Iceland, Spain, Ireland, Estonia, Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong, to name but a few.

Our monthly newsletter is widely read by tens of thousands of Masters, Practitioners and enthusiasts from all over the world and it is one of the longest running and regular (sometimes a little late) traditional and authentic Feng Shui monthly newsletters that carry no advertising (apart from a little plug now and again) and is completely free of charge.

Josephine runs the shop side and is so passionate about our web site. She carefully selects only the finest products that we believe will enhance your surroundings – and help change your life. We truly believe that by applying a few Feng Shui principles in your environment – your life will change – for the better.

We had another new recruit in 2007 and we are proud to introduce our son Daniel who is training to be a Feng Shui Practitioner with us over the next three years along with every aspect of the business. Over the last ten months his knowledge has grown so much I can say in my opinion (albeit a little bias of course) that he is already far more qualified than 80% of the Feng Shui practitioners throughout the world and his youthful talented mind has already introduced some valuable resource into our business and school.

Daniel is also helping run the academy with Michael at Aston Clinton and has proved a valuable asset to the company and is now playing an important part of new software development amongst the many other arms of our business.

His working regime is quite strict in that he works a full five days a week with us and for four evenings each week he studies for three hours each evening. This may seem tough but the discipline in Feng Shui training is hard and regimented if done properly and I am sure if you spoke to Daniel six months ago he would have described it as slave labour, thankfully now he can see the benefits especially as he is well on his way to becoming one of the youngest Feng Shui Masters in the world. I sometimes wonder who the teacher is between us as his well balanced outlook on life is quite remarkable for such a young head.

Don’t just take our word though, copied below are a tiny selection of comments from people or companies who have had a Feng Shui consultation with Michael from every corner of the world you can think off.

Feng Shui Consultations Comments

Many thanks for all the help you have given me over the years!

My first consultation with Michael in 2003 was a revelation, after seeing two other feng shui consultants, having attended a weekend course and reading countless books on the subject. What I found Michael provides is an authentic knowledge and experience, a complete contrast to my previous experiences of feng shui, and my life did change for the better beyond recognition and my wildest dreams!

Michael honestly admitted that my house was one of the toughest cases he ever encountered, but the end result is astonishing. From mind boggling misery in all aspect of life, loss of health, money, misfortunes, obstacles, pain and drama, that would make a fine soap opera running for years on end, to a complete turnaround.

I am now secure, healthy, in a lovely new house, and in a wonderful and fulfilling relationship. Problems are solved and I am truly happy.

Michael is a true professional, a kind and lovely person, always willing to go out of his way to help, and I consider both him and Jo friends – and meeting them was a truly lucky thing!

My best wishes and regards to you both

Eva, Middlesex (Two different homes between 2003 – 2010)

Michael, thank you so much….our world has changed since we saw you only a few months ago!

Before we met Michael we seemed to be stuck in a rut for some time…everything was going reasonably well we were happy but we didn’t seem to ever complete anything and didn’t seem to move forward. We had been trying to sell or rent our home for over a year….after meeting Michael everything changed…we felt that Feng Shui was the result of us moving on our world changed within approx 10 days…we did not expect it to work that fast…we had tenants view our property and sign up to a 1 year tenancy for the full asking price….we felt like things were moving at last. The house felt amazing by making small and simple changes….the energy flowed better and it felt like a completely different house….the first thing we did was take our bins out of our wealth areas! Michael is a lovely guy, very down to earth, has a wealth of knowledge…..we didn’t tell him anything about us he told us all about ourselves. You need to feel comfortable with your Feng Shui consultant as you need to be completely open so that they can help you Michael is very easy to work with.

We have already recommended him to friends and family and strongly recommend his services to anyone looking for a true professional who loves what he does and enjoys helping people. We have now moved and just had Michael complete another consultation on our new home…we are implementing the changes now….we will continue to use Michael every time we move as we feel he has benefitted our lives. Feng Shui seems to be the missing link that we needed in our lives…I am so happy that I have had consultations as it is definitely different to the books you read which seem to contradict each other…I am going to also go on Michael’s course to learn about this practice as it so interesting and Michael will be a great teacher. Thank you Michael…we are really glad we met you and wish you all the very best.

Mr. & Mrs. Sareen

My wife originally instructed Mr Hanna to come to our home in Schaffhausen as she had heard he often visits our country and to be honest I thought this would be a waste of more of my hard earned money. How wrong I was and although the cost was fairly high it was worth every Euro and much more. I was a complete cynic with Feng Shui and all the other alternative ways my wife tries and always never tell my friends or family what Ingrid gets up to with her alternative ways. The day started with introductions and some strong coffee and I quickly found Mr Hanna to be very open and also very humorous of my obvious scepticism which I was given strict orders not to do but because he seems to read minds (not really but seemed like it) I could not hide it.

The end result was a very enjoyable and actually very funny day and two months later every aspect of our life’s just keeps improving, money, health (no real health problems but had low energy which is now running on six cylinders), relationship and above all our relationship with our teenage children has dramatically improved not just from our part but from theirs also, I am so thankful my wife discovered Mr Hanna through a recommendation of friends of ours in Lausanne whom he had visited last year. Thank you so much.

Bernard (Switzerland, Schaffhausen)

I 101% believe you saved my life! I have been under the hospital for over 10yrs now and in the last 7yrs things have progressively got worse. This coincides with us moving to our present abode 7yrs ago and that’s roughly around the time I started reading about Feng Shui and placing cures around our home, to help our diminishing funds and my health. A saying which appears to be of relevance here would be “a little knowledge is dangerous”, well it certainly was for me anyway, you see i was placing more or less the right things, just in the wrong places and of course our money situation got worse and so did my health, to the point that in May of 2003 I was told there was nothing more my medical consultant could do for me and that MAJOR life changing stuff was on the cards.

Of course I was devastated, that’s when my sister said I know you don’t have much money and that you think “your” Feng Shui is doing you good, but please consider seeing Michael, he really is the best and you can’t put a price on your health. So Michael came to our home in August 2003 and straight away picked up on the health problems I was experiencing and showed me what i was doing wrong. Shortly afterwards I was referred to a top professor in London. I had an Operation in October and was given an “on trial” cream which was being tested on those willing. In January 2004 I was given the most wonderful news, the cream had worked (or was it Michael?) and although they are keeping an eye on me, I have the “all clear”. My condition started 10yrs ago as abnormal skin cells and over the last 7yrs turned to cancerous cells that were coming back more aggressive after each attempt to remove them. I am so grateful to you Michael and forever in your dept.

I told my Professor his cream is great but you can’t beat a well placed wind chime!

Sorry only joking, so happy, Bye Bye!

June Falconer (UK)

The changes in our health and wealth that have happened since your consultation Michael have been unbelievable, we cannot thank you enough and looking forward to seeing you again in August.

Robert & Stacy (Dubai)

I had made the further changes you recommend. As point of interest is the day after I removed that rotating clock from my kitchen I received three new business enquires!! In fact I have been busy following up on these leads and hadn’t time to email my thanks to you till now.

Very best regards

Eva (Germany)

Little did I know how some of the intended changes to our house would have altered the wonderful energy that already existed? We first invited Michael in 2003 to do a full consultation of the property and he clearly laid out areas suitable for sleeping, cooking, eating and those areas suitable for storage and bathrooms. He showed us the simple benefits of using our front door more often, almost instantly we could feel the improved flow of chi.

We decided to fully implement Michael’s changes. It meant our total cost for the project was less than we had originally intended. Friends and family visiting our newly renovated house often weren’t aware of Michael’s input however they all seemed to feel the wonderful energy of the house.

I should mention that shortly after we moved back into the house I noticed that my son was sleeping right at the top of his bed. A quick phone call to Michael and he identified Geopathic Stress. This was corrected by Michael. The difference in my son’s sleeping habits was remarkable.

The experience of renovating our home was pleasant from start to finish. The quality of work carried out was to the highest standard, with no nightmare stories to tell. We feel grateful that we employed the theories of Feng Shui on this job and that we are now reaping the rewards.

Michael is a wonderful person to deal with, his knowledge of the subject is very deep. His calm, humorous approach brings the principles of Feng Shui to life, He gained an incredible insight into our family in a very short period of time and seemed intuitively to know the areas we needed help. He carried out the survey in a discreet manner and his kind, caring approach was felt by all our family. Our children talk of Michael in such a kind way, he earned their respect with great ease. Michael brought us to a place where we can feel the wind at our backs gently moving us forward. We also enjoy the feeling of having Michael with his deep knowledge of Feng Shui there always ready and willing to answer a question or talk through a situation. We feel his strength; it’s a great thing to have …. And it all came from looking at his website a few years ago.

Andrew & Imelda (Dublin complete refurbishment of a very large three story home with three visits 2003 – 2008)

It was an honour to receive you in Singapore and the changes in our lives have been remarkable, I have used many Feng Shui Masters in Singapore, Malaysia and China but none have come close to you, your knowledge was amazing and the effect of the cures we placed were magical especially with regards to finance, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so sorry you had so much rain on this visit and hope your next visit will be more bring more sunshine.

Raymond (Singapore)

The most important thing to share with you and Michael is the fact that HM Revenue and Customs have said they owe us money! How fantastic and we want to say a big thank you. We have just got nearly all the cures in place and i will send pictures if i may to check its all good.

Kind Regards

Helen and Paul (UK)

Thanks for all you’ve done for me in the past. Once I’m in Hong Kong and I know you visit there occasionally, please come and visit me. David lives up near the Chinese border in Lo Wu district. The town of Lo Wu is actually in China but the province spreads into HK. He has his permanent residency and therefore, it is easy for him to get a pass into China which he does often. Anyway, I’m babbling.

Thanks again for everything you have done at all my homes Michael.

Janice (UK)

Dear Michael

How are you, after our consultation with you my (Ajay) skin conditions have improved by at least 70%. The house is feeling a lot calmer know and we are looking forward to next year.


Ajay & Kamini (UK) 2008

Your contribution to our lives has been at all times helpful and positive and I remember once telling you that you had changed our lives for the better. I hope you will continue to feel that we are part of this worldwide family which has benefited so much from your influence and that of Feng Shui, in which we sincerely believe and are wholly committed to.

Yours sincerely and with kindest regards,

Marina (Bosnia) 2008

Hi Michael

It’s been a couple of hours since you left my house today and the good news I am already grateful for your visit.

You have been very nice and understanding, I wish I had known a better word than “nice” here to describe how you handled everything, probably it would be excellent but knowing British culture it would sound over the top.

Our conversation brought tears to my eyes a couple of times. I hoped I was able to hide them, since I did not want to make you feel uncomfortable. But on my side I was proud of being very honest about my life.

I am already filled with hope. I made the small changes we talked about already, but need some help with my study room, I hope I’ll be able to do it as soon as possible.

As anticipated, I spoke with my parents just after you left. They are too excited about Feng Shui, and hopefully if everything works right and when I am a bit richer, I will take you to Turkey.

In the meantime, if you ever need to go to Istanbul or anywhere in Turkey, please give me a call and I’ll arrange some interesting sightseeing/restaurants etc for you or at least give you a list of things to do when you are there.

Please give my regards to your wife, I believe I spoke to her at least a couple of times when my stuff was lost and she sounded (I am using the word again!) very nice.

Thanks for the friendship today and I am looking forward to give you my feedback in 6 months.

Best regards,

Zeynep 2007

I would not have believed that living in a country that has so many Feng Shui Masters in it I would have used a Master from England, your knowledge far exceeds any Master I have ever known in this country or even in Asia and the results not just for me but for my whole family including my Parents you have given us again far exceed the cost we paid you for the consultation. Thank you very much (Terima kasih banyak banyak)

Melissa & family (Johor Bahru, Malaysia)

Dear Michael,

Thank you so much for your help and advice. As I mentioned to you a couple of weeks ago, my new next door neighbours were having a rather antisocial behaviour. Since they moved in at the end of December and from January to March included, I had the police here four to five times per week. Some weeks every day. The local Councillor came to the house and somehow nothing seemed to work. I was desperate and I felt insecure and intimidated in my own home. Although I kept an incident diary for three months logging all their activities nothing would stop their behaviour.

Finally I thought of calling you on the 31st of March and you told me to put some real fire (candles) in the concerned areas and to take off the paintings that I had on the walls. I did both that very same night and ever since I have not even heard from them any more. I still want to keep fingers crossed but it has been like a miracle. The place is tranquil like before. It is almost as though they had disappeared. I cannot be more grateful Michael.

I just wanted to share this with you and with other Feng Shui readers.

Best regards,

Cristina UK 2007

Our life has changed beyond belief since your visit Michael, we are so honoured to have met you and whilst at first we kept your visit very quiet in our rural French village (especially being the odd English family in their eyes), we now cannot stop talking about you and I know a few of our friends already have been in contact with you and thank you so much for looking after them so well, I knew you would and obviously one of the reasons we were recommend to use you by Paul & Antoinette who cannot praise you enough, you really are one of the nicest people we have ever met. Thank you so much Michael and we are looking forward to seeing you again in March to do the business premises.

Kindest regards.

Sarah (France 2007)

Once received your suggested cures for the house were put in place within a few days. The effect was almost immediate. From being a tense and stressful place, the general feeling in the house was uplifted to a much more friendly and relaxed environment. However, the most significant change was to my health.

For the 18 months prior to your visit I had suffered from a severe allergy reaction in my eyes causing them to almost glow red. My local GP had prescribed all manner of eye drops, anti-histamines and antibiotics with no success. Within a few hours of installing the water feature in the NE the allergy had gone, quite literally without trace. AMAZING. Read more…

Oliver Tangye August 2003 (UK)

Hi Mr. Miracle Man,

I know you won’t be amazed, but I can’t believe it! I don’t know what your process is, short of amazing! I don’t know what to say. I am so grateful to you. We finally have a well home and we will be well. I don’t know how you did it but I am so excited!

All my Best Regards

Joanne (Feng Shui Practitioner 17 years USA July 2003)

I appreciate it so much that you took the time to answer my email, even though Michael is away. That makes you and Michael so special… every time.

Helen (Australia)

Wanted to give u an update! Recently had appraisal from my consultants and they wouldn’t stop praising my work! Finally getting the recognition that I needed. Must be your feng shui solutions.

My sister who lives in London was looking into requesting your consultation.

I’ve asked her to give you a call.

Take care

Vandana (UK)

Just a note to say thank you for coming to my house and carrying out the Feng Shui consultation – my home does feel much better and happier… I have put all the suggestions you gave me in place and it is amazing how they brighten and lighten the atmosphere in a room.

I would also like to say I have bought a few products from you and have found them all wonderful in particular the Amethyst water feature – I have found that I am worrying less about stuff that did not exist…

Thank you so much for everything it is truly appreciated….

Karen (UK July 2003)

Since your visit Michael things have gone on four cylinders, I cannot believe the difference you have made, do you remember the consignment we could not shift for two years, well we followed your advice and moved all the boxes to the north side of the warehouse and within one week we had sold the lot, wow did we have some disbelievers on the day you arrived (not me obviously) well not any more, too much has happened and all cannot be explained. Not only have sales increased substantially the warehouse has got a much better atmosphere and the petty squabbles have stopped completely. Thank you so so much.

Greg (UK, Leeds fabric company June 2003)

It was the best day I had (in fact) in many years! I feel something has been accomplished today and that we at last can move forward. How can I ever really thank you for what you have done for us?

I just want to say Michael, you professionalism, your sincerity, your presence, just everything, is so genuine. I am totally overwhelmed by your kindness and again, your professionalism.

Thank you for making time for us Michael, where I know you are very busy and that this is a very demanding career with huge responsibilities. Thank you again for your prompt and efficient service Michael – you and Jo deserve the biggest of success, you are so professional and yet so compassionate.

I look forward to our next project together, whatever that may be.

Elfi (June 2003. Over the years we have consulted on five of their properties)

Before I got your Feng Shui analysis, it was like there was a lock on the property. It was like a log jam on the river, we couldn’t get anything moving, no matter how hard we tried. Everything we tried to do hinged on something else happening that we couldn’t do. But after I got your report, it was as if the lynch pin got pulled, and the pile of logs all started flowing downriver at once. Suddenly a couple of things started working, which freed up other things to start working. And now things are really humming along, which is nice!

Thanks again for all your help. It’ll be fun to continue on this journey and keep you informed of all the wonderful changes in our lives that continue to happen since we got our Consultation! I hope you know how much you are helping me!

Linda (USA September 2003)

Michael, just a quick note to update you on events since your visit in June. We have all noticed major changes in our lives especially with the children and relationships with Angela, no more petty squabbles, children are concentrating more on homework and my business has taken off like I would have never have thought.

Thanks so much for all you have done for us we are forever in your debt and thank you for such a wonderful experience on the day what you do is quite amazing, I have sent many of our friends and family to you as I really want to share your skills.

Best wishes

Malcolm. (UK July 2003)

Thank you for a fantastic day and as we discussed on the day I was so relieved you were not the ‘new age’ type of person that would have had us ringing bells and saying ‘Mantra’s’ all day, done all that before with zero results.

As you know our luck had been so bad and following 2 other feng shui consultations, it in fact got worse after their visits, I am so glad we never gave up and found you via my friend and your client because since you have been my whole life has taken a turn for the better in such a short time as well. The difference was incredible not just comparing you with the other consultants (so far apart) but the effect was almost immediate, the house felt lighter, brighter and a sense of well-being took hold a couple of days after your consultation and it just gets better each day.

I know you have heard it all before but wealth, health and especially romance has increased ten-fold since, thank you Michael, thank you so much.

With much respect

Gail (Vienna)

Sorry for not sending this to you sooner but everything’s gone bananas around here in the last 24 hours! Since you were here I’ve been interviewed by local radio twice and by a national design magazine!!! xxxx has also said the house felt a lot lighter and more pleasant when he came home during your visit, and that was before he knew what had been done. My sister-in-law came round at the weekend and she is a TOTAL sceptic about these things – positively laughed her head off when I told her we were planning to have the house doused. Well, she’d forgotten all about it and when she walked into the kitchen she commented straight away on the fact that the damp smell had gone! She then went on to say the room felt “nicer somehow” so you’ve even managed to conquer an old sceptic like her! Needless to say, ten out of ten and a gold star, prepare to be endlessly publicised and applauded by yours truly.

Fiona-UK (September 2001)

Thank you so much for all your help over the last few months, you would not believe the changes in my life since I had a Feng Shui consultation, this was my third feng shui consultation and never have I experienced such dramatic changes in such a short time, I could not believe the difference using real Feng Shui makes. I have met a new lady, she is wonderful, my business has increased it’s sales by 63% and my relationship with employees is so much better. Thank you both for all the help and understanding you have both given me.

Steve-UK (September 2001)

I just thought I would let you know that I took Holly my cat to the vets today to check up on her kidneys and whether they had got any worse over the past week. Kirsty (the vet) examined her and took some blood to do various tests to check. She said she was happy with her on examination but would let me know the outcome of the blood tests this afternoon. She phoned me about 4pm and told me the good news. Apparently Holly’s condition has not deteriorated at all and in fact her blood results had improved immensely. Hopefully she has now levelled out with her kidney problems and she will be with us for a while yet. Kirsty says that if she continues in this “levelled off” fashion she could live for many months or even a year. I am so happy about this. My “white lines” are having some good effects (well that’s what I am telling myself and am believing). I just thought I would share my good news with you. Hope you and your family are both well. Regards

Barbara-UK (November 2001)

As you know, I bought this property specifically to operate my Fitness Studio from and live in. From the start something didn’t feel right. Business was slow, students came, seemed to love what I was teaching but then wouldn’t return or would cancel their classes, feeling of constant bad luck, waking up with fuzzy head. My health started to deteriorate, whereas before I would be the only one not affected by colds, flue and other viruses, my immune system seemed weak and I was a ready vessel for anything even slightly contagious. (Not good for a fitness instructor) Since your consultation, immediately, my phone started ringing hot. As new students joined the studio classes, the old ones started returning.

My income increased beyond anything I thought it was capable of reaching. I was featured in a large lifestyle magazine (full front page) and I keep getting endless free publicity, my books are now full and I have a waiting list. My sons, although still with their father most of the time, are spending more time with me and have noticed a change in the atmosphere. I feel more energetic and more positive and everyone who enters my home and fitness studio comment on the change in atmosphere, even the most sceptical of friends. Basically, what I really want to say in a nutshell is that, although not a naturally sceptical person, I would not have believed the changes that have occurred in such a small space of time without any effort from me. Jo and Michael, again, what can I say…thank you, thank you, thank you. Not just for the changes your work has brought about but it is so wonderful and reassuring to know that out there in this self absorbed, cynical society there are two people who not only offer a service but also really care about their work and the people they connect with. Best wishes always.

Sandra (Australia January 2002)

I have implemented all of the changes that you suggested and you will not believe what has happened in my life in the past 2 weeks. 2 days after implementing things a vacancy unexpectedly arose in the Somerset area within my company, (All my family are in Somerset and I have wanted to move for several years but have never found any work) I have been accepted for a transfer and start in 3 weeks. My partner also saw adverts for 2 jobs in the area both of which he has interviews for this week. My flat has been valued at enough to pay off all my debts and have a deposit for a new house and I made an offer on the first house I saw which was exactly what we wanted and they accepted the offer. I think it must be too much of a coincidence for all that in 2 weeks, don’t you? Any tips for making sure it all goes through smoothly? Thanks again for all your help and I am regularly recommending your site to friends and colleagues as they all keep asking me how I do it.

Mel-UK (November 2001)

How do I begin to tell you the changes you have bought into my life since your visit, words cannot describe my feelings? My life seemed a complete disaster, everything that could go wrong, would. My health, wealth, relationships, business you name it, all was affected. The day after your visit everything changed, this is going to sound like some corny advert but, within two weeks I won £3.287 (shared) on the lottery (first ever win), I have met a wonderful man, my health and energy has improved ten fold, my business has gone through the roof, and I am just filled with an overwhelming feeling of joy, not just because of the changes it just feels like a major shift in my life and home has taken place. Thank you so so so so much Michael you are without any doubt one of the most special person I have ever met.

Angela (May 2001) UK

Had someone told me I would be turning to fung shui after 23 years in business I would have laughed, what can I say, my wife (a loyal fan and customer of yours) persuaded me to have a consultation, I will never ridicule her again, what a difference you have made. It took me weeks to convince (yes they did all laugh at me) all our directors (they were even more “stuck in the mud” than me) but they are so glad we went ahead now; my only regret is we didn’t have it done 20 years ago. Not only has business increased the atmosphere in the factory is so much better and the whole event seems to have rubbed of on all 27 employees. Thank you so much (a thank you doesn’t seem adequate given the results). The crystal fountains look incredible by the way.
Michael (UK December 2001)

Feng Shui Newsletter Comments

After re-reading your newsletter I can tell you that the information you gave explained years of techniques in a very valuable way. I have seen courses that for say $50.00 they will answer that question. Even though I’ve been involved for years, I only just grasped that my auspicious directions are for facing and sleeping… I was always avoiding the other sectors and not even enhancing them and felt at a loss. Why shouldn’t I be able to access the fame area just because it’s not a good direction for me? It drove me nuts… Now I understand that I can enhance it, I just cannot face it too much.

If I read this one newsletter on top of the basic knowledge, it would have saved me years of banging my head! You are a treasure!!

Richard (USA)

Without a doubt the best newsletter I have ever received, I have subscribed to them all and they all try and sell you something on the back of it, yours is full of good honest info and not heavy sell, thank you.

Stella (Malaysia)

Hi Jo

As a Feng Shui consultant myself for nearly 7 years I cannot believe the difference your cures have made for me and my clients, the salt water cure is spectacular and although it was unheard of by me and my teachers I see a few other sites have now copied you again, they seem to do that a lot with you. Anyway Jo keep up the good work and thanks for your cures & newsletter I must say I have learnt loads from it.


Katrina (Spain)

Hello everyone, once again thanks for the brilliant and informative newsletter keep up the good work. Warmest regards.

Rolando (USA)

Many Thanks for the newsletter; really enjoyed reading through it and the salt water cure & winchime has helped so much!!! I need it, as I am a Goat!!!!

Sallie (Malaysia)

Hello Jo

This is the second newsletter I’ve had and I want to say how great it is it’s all new to me so I’m still getting to grips with all the terminology etc I especially love the ‘words of wisdom’ at the end – it was if you wrote last months just for me – (I bet loads of people tell you this!) Anyway I, am just starting my own business and the tips you give especially in this months newsletter are fab – I’m certainly going to be following them up – good timing on subscribing and thanks for the information – it really is packed with great stuff

Sarah (USA)

I’m a neophyte when it comes to Feng Shui, although a few of my Canadian clients (such as Hong kong Bank) have always used masters for their offices. Your site is thus far the only one I’ve found that provides some actual information, has a warmth to it – not to mention personality. Suffice to say, I’m charmed and give thanks for your personalized email.

Bunny (USA)

Dear Jo

My name is Elaine and I live in Connecticut USA. I found your site and immediately subscribed to your FS Newsletter. I find it one of the best advice columns in the Feng Shui world. I am a Feng Shui Consultant as well. I have my own little website. I have been a practitioner for over 10 years and have also taken Lillian Too’s course just as Michael has. I practice the Flying Star Method as taught by Lillian Too, so your views are right in line with mine. I only give out a cure to a client when I can personally vouch for its accuracy myself. In your newsletter last month you gave out instructions for the coin/salt water cure for the 2/5 stars of the south and east. Never having heard of this I tried it and was amazed at its immediate results. Thank you for your time and keep writing great newsletters. I hope to one day do the same, (not copying yours of course) on my small website.

We will be redoing my site in the very near future and would like to know what you think.

Elaine (Feng Shui Practitioner 14 years USA)

Jo, thank you so much for all your help the cures kit is working a treat, things have really calmed down to say the least, in fact nothing short of a miracle. Do you know I have been subscribed to your newsletter for about 2 years now and enjoyed every issue? You have restored my faith in the web and I know you are not just there for the money. Every couple of months I get together with my friends and we look through your site not just for the wonderful products but also the vast information the site has. Thanks Jo

Sincerely yours

Scarlet (Canada)

Thank you so much for reading and answering my ramblings. What we’ve learned from you has made such a difference in our lives. I love your August newsletter. It reads as if it were written just for me – it touches on so many issues that we are dealing with – what a wonderful gift!

Thank you.

Teresa (Japan)

Just thought I’d let you know that I find your newsletters very interesting as well as entertaining reading! I would like to feature your piece on The Five Elements on Feng Shui Times.

Nathan (Editor, Feng Shui Times)

This is a wonderful letter, full of fantastic information for everyone! Thank you so much for your time and effort and may you have a GREAT YEAR! Sincerely

Sandi (Australia)

Thank you so much for your attention and information. I always look forward to you letters.

Eric (Canada)

Jo and Michael Happy Chinese New Year! Thank you for the newsletter. It was my first time receiving it and I really enjoyed it.

Tracy (UK)

Thank you from Boston, Massachusetts, USA for this informational newsletter.

Nancy (USA)

Just thought I’d let you know that I find your newsletters very interesting as well as entertaining reading!

Anglea (Italy)

Please send me your January Issue..I love your newsletter..It’s one of the best I’ve read

Diana (UK)

Hello Josephine, Thanks for your e-mail, you made my day with your really funny comments I love the one about the husbands ex girlfriend with the double chin. Will speak to you again, when I have more time on my hands, keep up the good work Kind regards


Hi, Josephine, and thank you so much for your advice. I am actually getting rid of a lot of “things from the past” especially…..I think this is good for all of us….I am a professional astrologer, amongst other things, and since I am a “fixed” sign (Taurus) I tend to hang on to things way to long…thanks again and you have a wonderful week! Sincerely,

Sandi, USA

I am really glad to receive my very first Feng Shui Newsletter. Thanks!


Hi Josephine Thank you for the Feng Shui Newsletter. After reading through it, I am so glad I joined your mailing list. I have known very little about Feng Shui but only recently became interested in the topic and went onto the internet to find out some more information. I look forward to my future learning about Feng Shui! Thanks again.

Karina-South Africa

I do so love your site and will try to implement many of your suggestions in my home and daily living. Look forward to receiving them on a regular basis and also ordering from you in the near future. Elsie-USA Dear Josephine: Thank you very much Josephine for a wonderful newsletter.

Smita-South Africa

I have been greatly enjoying your newsletter and now I see you have a catalogue available. Wow!! Could you please send me one?


Dear Josephine, Your Newsletter is wonderful and filled with terrific information.


This is my first newsletter and I just wanted you to know it is absolutely terrific!! Just what I needed on a Monday morning – thank you!

Sylvia (USA)

I really enjoyed your newsletter; it’s such a change to get a bit of fun feeling in there too. It’s the best I’ve seen yet. Go get them Josephine. I am already looking forward to the next one. Keep well, and happy

Daisy (USA)

Josephine, I don’t want to miss NOT ONE of your wonderful letters to us. AltaVista is dropping all of us on their e-mail. So would you please send your letters to XXXXX

Shirley (USA)

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