September 2012 Flying star Analysis

Flying star information August 2012…

September 2012 8th Month Ji You (Yin Earth Rooster)
Starts from 7th September 2012 to 7th October 2012

As of 7th September to 7th October, the current month is the month of the Yin Earth Rooster with the ruling energy of #7 Red in the central grid. The energies present during the month affect most the sector where the main door, the bedroom/door or the office are located. Please note that the facing direction of your main door or house is not necessarily where your main door is located.

What should we do with this information? Remember, in Feng Shui, the more activities within a sector, the more the energies that exist are activated. Hence the advice:

  • Use the beneficial areas more and the areas of negative influences less.
  • Use another door if your main door is negatively affected this month.
  • Use the good sectors to solve existing problems whether they concern health, relationship or money matters.

There is no need to place any more cures (unless recommended to do so) as long as you have the 2012 Cures in place by now. Besides, the monthly energies are only temporary influences. This update is to prepare you for what is possible in September 2012 and to help you to take more care or risk in what you do.

Please be aware of other websites or newsletters that tell you must buy their products each month to avoid the monthly flying star negative areas, they do this to scare people into buying, there are only a couple of cures you should have to use in any month, this is normally where the #5 or #2 are located and you can use metal objects you probably have in the house already.

Check to see if there are any menacing looking structures, i.e. a sharp pointed roof, a straight road, a fly-over, a dead tree etc… directed at your building / property. These structures can transform a good combination of energies into a malignant one or can aggravate an already malevolent combination to a deadly one. If you have any of the above it would be wise to hang a Ba Gua mirror to deflect them.

The Beneficial Sectors for the Month of Yin Earth Rooster are:

The West Sector is the best sector for September 2012.
The energy here promotes plenty of opportunities for new business ventures and the possible meeting of potential business partners. Career-wise, promotion is highly likely and there is celebration in the air. If your front door or bedroom is here, move forward with your plans with courage and determination.

The Northwest Sector
Anyone staying in this sector will succeed over their competition. Use this sector more as there is good positive energy with the auspicious star 8 white visiting this sector.

The Northeast 
There is money and career luck. Circumstances at work are favourable. However, there are conflicting energies bringing illness. There may also be severe eye infection.

Sectors to be aware of this month:

The Southwest 
There may be romance but there are potential heartaches, deception and disappointments. A good cure is to keep the place well lit with bright lights or place a red Dragon headed Tortoise. If your bedroom is in the SW sector of the house, place a red lampshade in the SW corner of your room. If a main door or window falls in the SW of your home or office take extra security precautions.

The East
Whilst on the subject of relationships, the east sector is influenced by the monthly 5 Yellow, which can create stress and unhappiness in relationships. Newly wedded couples should stay away from this sector and sleep in the west or northwest rooms.

With the negative influence of the 5 yellow, there are health issues to be aware of due to overstressed emotions. Excessive pressure can cause skin problems too. If your work involves creativity, and your office is located in this sector, you will suffer from lack of inspiration and imagination. A good cure here is a Wu Lou or similar shaped metal object.

The North
The combination this month signifies aggravation, arguments and tension. Do not have too much noise in this corner and do not hang wind chimes here or you will find yourself quarrelling with everyone for no apparent reason.

If your office is in this sector then potential misunderstandings with colleagues are no surprise. Stay low and beware of unscrupulous people working against you. Avoid at all costs signing important papers in the north this month even to the extent of not verbally agreeing anything important as financial loss could take place.

Married couples may suffer from sleepless and problematic nights. There really is nothing you can do except to stay calm and let the energy pass.

The South 
This month sees the star 2 Black coming into the south bringing with it illness vibrations especially to the heart and the eye. Those who drive a lot, please take extra care on the road. If you are pregnant or have stomach problems you should also avoid this area.

If you have a bathroom, cloakroom, utility or a room you do not use much, congratulations! You do not need to do a thing other than to keep the area quiet, even to the extent of not banging doors. If the south is a bedroom, kitchen or any important room you spend time in place a Wu Lou there.

The Southeast You may find that children struggle with their studies in this sector. Make them sit somewhere else.

If your bedroom is in this part of the house, you may suffer from more headaches during the month. If you are in business and your office is in the SE you may find it difficult to communicate with your associates.

If this is a frequently used sector, you can keep more fresh flowers and plants around the area.

What if you cannot move rooms?

If you are unable to move to another room for the month, make sure your bed or work/study tables are in a more beneficial area for the month.

Example: If you or your childrens bedroom is located in a bad area of the home this month then grab your compass, stand in the centre of your room and place the bed or desk in a more auspicious area for the month as mentioned above.

As you can see from above you can turn a bad situation into a better one, you will not only avoid many problems he will benefit from being in a good area. You must try and keep the bad area quiet so not a good idea to have a music centre in the bad area. Remember you can apply this to any room in your home so if your office is in the NE place your desk in the SW this month (make sure your back does not face SW this year).

I know it is easier said than done but moving out of a room that has temporary inauspicious Ch’i is worth it. This is so especially with health issues provided you could afford the space and rooms. If you cannot, do not fret. The effect can be minimised by relocating the bed or study/work/office table to an auspicious sector (follow example above) of the room or placing cures as recommended on this site. As I have said before, this is a monthly influence and so it will pass.

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