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The Three Immortals are a crucial enhancer to place in the northwest of your home or office in 2019 as the auspicious #9 star falls into the same palace as Tai Sui, so it is vital that we make the most of this auspicious flying star while paying respect to Tai Sui and avoid his wrath.

When activated, Tai Sui can bring accidents, illness, money problems, lawsuits and overall difficulty in your life, so it is extremely important that Tai Sui is appeased this year with the appropriate cures. The #9 annual star is the future wealth star and is starting to have a stronger effect as we get closer to period 9 (2024-2044), and when the #9 star is activated correctly, you can benefit from the positive influence that it brings with it; the #9 star can bring growth, improvements, fame, wealth, career luck and relationships, making the northwest one of the most important areas of every home and business in 2019.

The Three Immortals are a very powerful Feng Shui cure that work to cleanse a building of negative influences and help avoid arguments, marital problems and illness and also help to resolve and enhance relationships between all members of the home or business.

The Three Immortals statues are made of resin and are all hand painted to an extremely high-quality finish. They look stunning with a lovely warm stature which is so important when using a Deity of this nature as it gives much better energy as opposed to cheap plastic replicas. The quality of these statues is beautiful, and you can see that great detail has gone into the hand painting of each one. When selecting Feng Shui cures, every little detail is important to ensure the cure is as effective as it can be.

Please ensure they are displayed in the correct order. As you look at the three Immortals, they should be positioned as follows:

  • Fuk – This should be placed on the left. Fuk will be holding a scroll
  • Luk – This should be placed in the middle. Luk will be holding a wealth ingot and Ru Yi
  • Sau – This should be placed on the right. Sau will be holding a staff with a Wu Lou and a peach

These painted Fuk, Luk & Sau are the gods of Wealth, Health and Longevity. They represent the three most important aspects of good fortune, good health and happiness. The Three Immortal statues can also be placed in your living room or dining room to attract good fortune and health into your home.

Each of the Three Immortals brings different luck into the home, and they should always be displayed together; if you are missing one, I would recommend replacing the whole set.

Fuk represents health, well being and blessings of good luck. You can identify Fuk by the scroll in his hand which signifies the importance of learning and knowledge in life.

Luk represents recognition, success, wealth and stability. You can identify Luk by the Ru Yi and gold Ingot in his hands used to signify wealth and success.

Sau represents long life. You can identify Sau as the old man holding the staff which signifies old age along with a peach in his other hand used to represent immortality.

2019 Placement Instructions

As of 4th February 2019, this cure should be placed in the northwest of your home or office or the northwest area of an important room like an office, bedroom, living room etc.

We had the base of the Three Immortals replaced so that they fit in to the ‘Chai’ measurement which signifies money luck and abundant good fortune. When selecting cures, we take great care to make sure that the cures and enhancers that we select are as effective as they can be. The original base on the Three Immortals fell in to the ‘Pi’ measurement which signifies legal issues, bad luck and financial loss so we had the bases changed down to a smaller size to make sure the breadth of the Three Immortals fell in to an auspicious measurement, making this cure more effective.

Overall height of each statue approx. (h80mm – 3 1/4 inch)

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