Zhaocai Ruyi Three-legged Toad God

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This stunning Three-legged wealth toad is an essential cure for the south of every home and office in 2019,  the inauspicious #3 star enters the south palace and help is needed to make the most of this great influence to weaken this negative star and avoid theft, arguments, disputes, wealth loss and legal problems in 2019.

The Zhaocai Ruyi toad has been carefully selected for the year of the Yin Earth Pig as the #3 annual visiting star falls into the south palace together with the inherent fire energy of the #9 star; the star will be weakened slightly from the natural influence of the south although it will not be enough to reduce the #3 star enough, so it is important that we treat the south correctly with an appropriate cure as we need a good fire cure to weaken the dangerous wood star.

This magnificent wealth Toad God has been made to exact measurements, design, stature and is one of the best we have ever seen, standing impressively with a remarkable firm and commanding stance, the quality is exceptional, and he looks striking. This extremely potent enhancer and cure is for the wealth and #3 argumentative star and if activated with a wealth Toad God carrying a Ru Yi and auspicious Chinese i-ching coins on his back it can be perfect for wealth, career and business although you must only use a Toad God that falls in the “Chai” band of auspicious measurements which of course ours does as we had it especially made for us. The Chinese characters 招財如意  – Zhaocai Ruyi – which means “Inviting wealth according to one’s wishes” is also an essential part of this enhancer and this is on a plaque on the plinth to summon in great luck and wealth in 2019 as the #3 star can bring significant money loss when activated, making this a crucial part of the cure to avoid this happening.

The three-legged Toad must bear fire colours on his body and why we chose a red colour. It is also vital that the Zhaocai Ruyi has a Ru Yi sitting on a bed of auspicious i-ching coins symbolising protecting your current wealth and sitting on a round wooden plinth symbolising bringing in new wealth into a home and/or business and an I-Ching coin in his mouth to further attract new wealth and good luck and also to protect the wealth and success you have already and to further create the perfect wealth enhancer in 2019.

Toad wealth Gods also known as money Frogs are renowned for protection against loss of wealth and luck and the creator of wealth and good fortune and why we had this combination created. Made from resin and looks like Cochin ceramic, each of these has been hand painted to very high quality, standing on a plinth.

The three-legged toad god should be placed in the south of your home or business in 2019, or you can also set him looking onto the main door or a windowsill looking into the room. Every home and business should have this powerful and most beautiful cure and enhancer.

It is believed that if you look into the eyes of the three-legged Toad God it will bring you great wealth and good fortune. Three-legged wealth Toads are a celestial and mythical animal, supposedly emerging every full moon to bring with it wealth, good luck and good fortune. It is one of the most prominent representations of prosperity and monetary gain in Feng Shui, and can often be spotted beside cash registers, receptions and owners’ desks all across Asia and especially in Chinese restaurants in the UK, USA, and other western countries.

Few symbols represent Feng Shui the way the three-legged toad does, and whether you call this little fellow a wealth frog, money toad, lucky money frog, or three-legged prosperity toad doesn’t matter. A crucial factor when using this Toad God in 2019 is that they must be created to exact standards.

They can also be placed by a door or window looking into the home or business.

Full detailed instructions are included, and they are entirely cleansed of negative energy and empowered with positive Sheng Ch’i energy. Approx size is 90mm (3.5 inches) x 50mm (2 inches) (Weight 180 grams) Supplied in all 2019 Deluxe Cures and Enhancers kits

2019 Placement Instructions

As of 4th February 2019, this cure should be placed in the south of your home or office or the south area of an important room like an office, living room etc.

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