Zhuanweiweian Protection amulet

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Zhuanweiweian Protection amulet – to turn peril into safety and avert danger


 ( One of the most essential cures and enhancers to place in your home, office or business for 2024, the beginning of period 9 and the year of the Yang Wood Dragon)

As we enter period 9 on 4th February 2024, the annual #4 star will become an inauspicious star, and while it is still possible to activate this star, this takes highly specialist knowledge and is not something I would recommend without a very good understanding of the fixed Flying stars of your home and the surrounding area. The #4 star has flown into the northwest for 2024, along with Sui po, making this an especially troublesome area if activated this year. This year, it is crucial to place a Zhuanweiweian Protection amulet in the northwest of your home or office to keep the energy here settled and avoid it from being activated.

The reason for placing the Zhuanweiweian Protection amulet is that we create a lovely balance of earth draining energy from the #4 wood star, weakening the inauspicious energy from the annual #4 star and Sui Po in the northwest for the year. When the annual #4 star is activated in the northwest in 2024, this can bring issues related to romance, friendship, career, general well-being and focus, affecting all occupants of the home, especially the patriarch and males in general, making this a volatile star for day to day wellbeing. We also have Sui Po located here and must keep this energy settled.

To assemble the Zhuanweiweian amulet, you must place the I-Ching coin at the bottom with the four characters facing upwards, then place the ceramic base with the thought-form inscription upwards. You would then place the crystal on top sitting on the indented part of the ceramic base

Rose quartz is a very powerful crystal that can help to enhance and protect relationships, enhance self awareness, improve trust, accelerate healing, and so much more, making this a crucial part of this cure.

The ceramic base is another crucial component of the amulet helping to drain energy from the inauspicious wood star with earth energy. When all pieces of this cure are combined, this will introduce a great balance of earth, fire, and metal, making this an extremely powerful cure to keep the #4 star settled this year.

Not only is this Zhuanweiweian Protection amulet a powerful cure, but it also looks stunning. It is made from an earth ceramic element and beautifully engraved with a very powerful thought form inscription, weighing a good 46 grams and is beautifully detailed. Feng Shui is not just about making something look nice; it must have a foundation and be the best quality, which is paramount when we choose our cures and enhancers.

Please note that the sizes of the Red Jasper crystals will vary slightly

Approximate size: 40 mm (W) – 1.6 inches

The Zhuanweiweian Protection amulet is included in all of our 2024 Annual cures and enhancers kits

Where do I place the Zhuanweiweian Protection amulet in 2024?

The Zhuanweiweian Protection amulet should be placed in the northwest of your home or office or the northwest part of your room with the coin underneath. The coin should have the four Chinese characters facing upwards.

How do I display the Zhuanweiweian Protection amulet?

You should place the Zhuanweiweian Protection amulet on a table, shelf, windowsill or cabinet. Try to keep this off the ground if possible, but if you cannot, it is fine on the ground. When assembling this cure, place the I-Ching coin at the bottom with the four characters facing upwards; then place the ceramic base on the coin and the rose quartz crystal in the indented part of the base.

When should I display the Zhuanweiweian Protection amulet?

You should place the Amulet from 4th February 2024 to 3rd February 2025

Full detailed instructions are included, and they are completely cleansed of negative energy and empowered with positive Sheng Ch’i energy. Size and weight (75 (h) x 35 (w) mm) 55 grams

We only sell traditional and authentic Feng Shui Cures that, in our opinion, get results; we do not sell gimmicky Mc’feng Shui cures or any other products that fall in line with a lot of pop-up Feng Shui shops get rich quick schemes. Every single product that we sell has been tried and tested by us to monitor the results before we even think of selling it to the public and the quality and effectiveness are the most important part when selecting any product that we sell; this is our ethos now and has been since we started in 1999 and the reason why our store is NOT full of hundreds of products from lucky Feng Shui bin bags to auspicious yin yang chocolate.

All of our products are cleansed of any negative energy that may have become present during production and are empowered with positive Sheng Ch’i when they reach us and again when they are sent out for delivery.

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