Wealth God protection and enhancement talisman for wealth

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This wealth protection and enhancement talisman is an extremely powerful cure and enhancer for welcoming new wealth and finances into your home or office and also protecting existing wealth to ensure that the bearer of this card has as much wealth luck as possible.

If you look at the talisman card, you can see that the 24K gold plated card has deities and Chinese scripts on the card with the extremely powerful wealth god standing right in the middle to protect those who present him in their home or office or carry him on themselves. The edging of the card is very delicately decorated with a protective lacing and if you look closely, you will find that the pattern is based on I-Ching coins placed all around the Talisman card.

The four Chinese scripts around the sides, top and bottom of the card all work in unison with each other for protection, wealth enhancement, and personal safety which makes this a fantastic all-around Cure for 2023 and beyond, where financial safety will be paramount. On the back of the Talisman card is a tower of 6 Gold ingots which can help bring tremendous wealth into a home or business when displayed and just above is a powerful Taoist wealth script.

These cards are made from brass which has been reported to deter any bugs and with Feng Shui, this is vital as any negative energy attached to a Cure can seriously affect the strength of the Cure. We had these protection cards specially designed and worked very closely with a company that share the same values as us and we had the width altered as the width is more important than height in certain Feng Shui Cures and Enhancers, especially so in the Wealth God Talisman to an auspicious measurement which brings money luck and good fortune which is often overlooked in Cures and Enhancers.

This is a very little known Cure from thousands of years ago where the inscriptions would be inscribed onto a solid gold sheet which would have been very hard to get hold of thousands of years ago and the drawings of the wealth god and ingots would not have been quite as accurate; Feng Shui Masters would experiment with all different types of charms and deities over the years and nowadays, the ineffective Talisman cards have become less common which leaves us with the wealth god as this is one of the most effective cures when combined with these powerful scripts and the gold ingots. Thousands of years ago, this cure would have only been available to the very rich as this Cure would have been made from solid gold; the ultimate wealth Cure.

Placement instructions

Keep these protection charms on you as much as possible throughout 2023 in your wallet, purse, money clip, handbag, car, office, home, accounts and anywhere else you can think to keep to protect yourself in 2023.

We only sell traditional and authentic Feng Shui Cures that in our opinion get results; we do not sell gimmicky Mc’feng Shui cures or any other products that fall in line with a lot of pop up Feng Shui shops get rich quick schemes. Every single product that we sell has been tried and tested by us to monitor the results before we even think of selling it to the public and the quality and effectiveness are the most important part when selecting any product that we sell, this is our ethos now and has been since we started in 1999 and the reason why our store is NOT full of hundreds of products from lucky Feng Shui bin bags to auspicious yin yang chocolate.

All of our products are cleansed of any negative energy that may have become present during production and are empowered with positive Sheng Ch’i when they reach us and again when they are sent out for delivery.

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    Hi Michael, I bought the wealth talisman, a couple of months ago. I have it in my hand bag at all times. However, my finances has not improved, I also have the wealth pouch, in the same hand bag. Am i doing something wrong , that my finances has not improved. Thank you for your reply

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