Ba Gua wealth protection mirror

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Specially made for us and incorporates a Chinese i-ching coin attached to the rear of the Ba Gua as shown in the photo. This symbolically protects your wealth especially if your door is located in the southwest in 2022. Ba Gua mirrors are also known as pa kua mirrors and this is a very powerful cure and you should also place them if you have negative Sha Chi outside your home or office like a lamp post, telephone pole, tall trees etc. A powerful protector of wealth and deflector of negative sha qi energy, this mirror is made from wood and the best you can get and a nice discreet 110mm size (4 inches). You should never use plastic Ba Gua mirrors as they do not show signs of wear and this is why we use wood as when it starts to wear from the wind and sun (qi) you know it is time to replace it. 

As always all our products are cleansed of negative energy and empowered with positive Sheng Ch’i. Overall length approx. (110mm – 4 inch)

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