The ultimate Feng Shui compass kit X 3

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We estimate that 70% of people get their compass directions wrong and for this reason we have put together this valuable compass along with a comprehensive illustrated booklet, without an accurate reading there is little point practising traditional Feng Shui. Not only have we selected an easy to use quality compass with an essential spirit level vial for extra accuracy we have also included a valuable easy to understand illustrated booklet written by Master Practitioner Michael Hanna to show you how to obtain an accurate compass reading and also how to determine the facing direction, these two points are the most crucial parts of practising real Feng Shui.

Compass Details:
* Liquid-filled * Strong acrylic material * Easy twist dial with 360-degree markings * Spirit level (Vial) for extra accuracy * Luminous pointer for direction finding * Jewelled pivot on needle * Large magnifier * Attached lanyard (bit of string)* Clear ruled base in millimetres * 1:25000 and 1:63360 scales

Booklet details: 
* Little known facts on easy compass direction taking * Quick and easy ready reckonor for the 24 mountains * Find your house Trigram * Best colour to paint house * How to find your sickness, romance and wealth stars * Which group your house belongs to * Illustrated instructions on how to use your compass * Illustrated instructions on how to find your facing direction * 

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