Tsai Shen Yeh (God of wealth) Metallic look

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The Tsai Shen Yeh wealth God is the most potent and popular Wealth God and is respected by people all across the world. The Tsai Shen Yeh is a powerful deity who brings good fortune and protection from problems. Chinese God of Wealth is Tsai Shen Yeh (Choy San Yeh) also protects your wealth in troubled times. Personally, I will be using two Tsai Shen Yeh’s in 2022, one placed in the southwest and the other in the south, this way today’s wealth and future wealth is protected as we move closer to 2024 period nine.

Tsai Shen Yeh is also affectionately known as the God of fortune in Mandarin. The term translates to the God of Wealth, also known as Cai Shen Ye &  Zhao Gongming. Chinese Culture recognizes him as the main God of wealth. Legend says that Tsai Shen Yeh descends from heaven every Lunar New Year to check on and inspect his devotees. People worship the God of Wealth in the early morning by inviting him to their house by offering incense. They indulge in dumplings on this day, which resemble ancient blocks of metal.

Legends also say that after all the sacrifices are offered to Tsai Shen Yeh, the God proceeds to heaven on the 2nd day of Lunar New Year. A tradition that people hold is that they burn the picture they used to welcome him on the eve of the New Year to see the deity off while praying for a more fortunate coming year.

We are sent samples of hundreds of cures and enhancers each year, and we only select a very small percentage of them as they usually are too large, poor quality or just plain tacky and this is not good Feng Shui and the reason why over 70% of our cures and enhancers are custom made for us especially as a large percentage are little-known cures or enhancers that only a few Feng Shui masters would know about and the reason why Michael and his 39 years of experience always has involvement in selecting every single item that goes on our website and also the reason why we do not accept offers to advertise on our website, we are firm believers of Karma and whatever we put out to the universe, whether that is the free advice we give each year or the products we sell must be of the best quality.

Full detailed instructions are included and they are completely cleansed of negative energy and empowered with positive Sheng Ch’i energy. Approx size is 80mm x 80mm  (3.2 inch) x 80mm (3.2 inches) (Weight 125 grams)

Made from resin and painted to give an antique brass look.

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