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Three Killings 2012

How to avoid the anger of Tai Sui, Grand Duke, Three Sha, year breaker, three killings, Sui Po and all other annual Feng Shui annual afflictions in 2012…

© Written by Josephine Hanna 2012 

Every year, we are faced with a long list of boring tasks to complete through the year. You need to make sure that you take care when doing maintenance around the home or office to avoid the anger of Tai Sui (Grand Duke), Sui Po, the Three Killings, five yellow. If you are doing work in the south, southeast or northwest of your property you will need to take very special care as this is where they are located.

The Three Killings (also known as three sha) is a direct paraphrase from ‘San Sha’. Although the perception of The Three Killings is associated with three earthly branches, its position is distinct according to one of the four cardinal compass directions, namely North, East, South  and West . In 2012 the Three Killings is located in the south. The twelve earthly branches are matched into four groups of harmonious alliances. If we are to establish the location of The Three Killings, we must explore the trinities of the earthly branches and their phases first. The four trinities are:

Rat, Monkey and Dragon to the North
Sheep, Rabbit and Boar to the East
Tiger, Dog and Horse to the South
Snake, Rooster and Ox to the West

If you have a main door that you often use that faces the Three Killings’ direction in any given year, this is considered a disturbance due to the constant opening and closing of the door and heavy noise levels.

You should take care as to not slam the door as the Three Killings can be a lot more settled if the door is opened and shut gently. The traditional cure is to place a pair of Chi Lin (TempleLions– Fu Dogs) just inside the door facing outwards.

So in 2012 if your door is in the south, you should follow our annual advice and place a pair of Chi Lins by your door and try to avoid using the door if this is possible.

What if I have to do general maintenance in the garden or building?

The old-style cure for this is to place metal six rod wind chime between the property and the garden (or the place of disruption). There is another school of thought that advises placing a symbolic statue of deities. One famously used deity is ‘Kwan Kong’ (God of War) or God of wealth Tsai Shen Yeh which is the statue we prefer to use.

You should also avoid sitting with your back to the Three Killings and always sit facing it. You are advised not to sit with your back to the Three Killings but this doesn’t refer to isolated incidents as much; it is prolonged periods of time spent in this position that affect you more. Avoid having your back to the south in 2012.

For example: if you sit at your office desk with your back to the Three Killings (south in 2012), this may affect your relationship with colleagues and can also affect your performance of work. These effects may involve poor performance, difficulties, lack of focus or loss of focus.

If it is not possible for you to move your desk so that you are not sitting with your back to the Three Killings direction, your best option is to place a pair of Chi Lin on your desk facing the Three Killings direction.

The 2012 Feng Shui annual Afflictions:

The Three Killings – is a direct translation from the Chinese ‘San Sha’. This annual affliction is mainly in the south (142.5º to 217.5º). It is imperative that you do not commence any form of noisy renovations or re-decorative work in the south part of your building between February 4th 2012 and February 3rd 2013.

Once disturbed, this annual affliction is said to bring about three types of bad luck – financial loss, sickness and arguments. This is the worst out of all the annual afflictions and in our home and business.

Apart from not disturbing the ground, there are two other rules you should follow regarding the three killings. Firstly, if you are moving your desk around this year, never sit with your back to this direction (south). Secondly, it is better to face (south) this direction, especially if this is one of your four favourable personal directions.

If you have to carry out work or repairs in the south place a six hollow metal rod wind chime between the building and where the work is being carried out.

Tai Sui (The Grand Duke of Jupiter) lives between 112.5º – 127.5º southeast in 2012.

Do not take this affliction lightly. You must not disturb the ground in the southeast. Southeast facing properties with front doors to the southeast must be careful not to allow the doors to slam and do not renovate or dig in this part for 2012.

With the nasty #5 star also visiting the southeast in 2012 you have earth meeting wood which is not a very nice combination and could cause bad luck and health problems.

Sui Po which is known as the year breaker.

Sui Po resides in the 15 degree directly opposite Tai Sui which for 2012 is northwest . You should treat this area with the same reverence as the other annual afflictions with no ground-breaking work, renovations or any other noisy activities. If disturbed this area can cause health problems especially for the elderly or sick so please be careful. If you have to carry out work or emergency repairs in the west place a six hollow metal rod wind chime between the buildings and where the work is being carried out.

The annual five yellow has aggressively flown into the southeast in 2012 and because the southeast is related to wood energy this is not good and the reason why so many individual cures are needed in the Dragon year of 2012. It is suggested not to disturb the southeast with renovations or maintenance work in 2012. Buildings with gardens or driveways in the southeast of the property should avoid disturbing the ground with major digging or building work. When disturbed, the Five Yellow can bring disaster, sickness, lawsuit and major loss of wealth.

What can I do if I have to repair a driveway or have a similar renovation?

If your garden is in the south, southeast or northwest in 2012, obviously you should avoid disturbing the ground this year but some things just can’t be left; for example overgrown trees or a driveway that is completely destroyed. If you can’t avoid building work or digging, use the following rules to reduce any harm that may result.

  • Place a hollow six rod metal wind chime between your house and building work whilst the work is being done.
  • Start trimming or mowing from a different corner of the garden.

The easy thing to remember is avoid doing any disturbing work here and no digging or breaking ground.

© Josephine Hanna Feng Shui Store 2012

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