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2011 Cures & Enhancers

Are You prepared for the year of the Rabbit?

Are you prepared for 2011

Are you prepared for Chinese New Year? Every Chinese New Year we assemble a valuable and powerful Feng Shui cures & enhancers kit.  For a full analysis of 2011 Flying Star click here. Or for your click here for your 2011 Chinese animal predictions.

Sheng Chi crystal enhancer 2011

This powerful enhancer is a very little known amulet charm and the reason it is called “Sheng Chi” is because it creates a cycle of life and works in synergy with the earth’s cosmic breath with two very crucial quartz crystals, i-ching coin and also the soil taken from the land around your home or business.

At the end of the year in February 4th 2012 the soil, crystal and i-ching coin must be placed back into the ground you took it from as it carries on working for you for a lifetime giving positive and fertile land.

The other crystal we use in this cure is Citrine. Citrine will be known to many as the “wealth crystal” used at home and business and is a great protective crystal and used to invite wealth and good luck.

These two powerful crystals, along with the i-ching coin and chen soil taken from the soil as near to your home as possible (if you are in an apartment with no gardens you use the communal areas as close to you as possible) makes this a powerful and essential cure and enhancer.


A personal powerful pocket enhancer, protector and cure in 2011 (Wei Hu).

Protection against legal, wealth problems, arguments, disputes and many other problems. A pocket, wallet, purse or handbag talisman that gives powerful personal protection.

These beautiful semi-precious crystal’s have been cleansed of all negative energy and have been empowered with positive Sheng Ch’i thought form, which is said to bring wealth, protection, good health and good luck.

All this power is combined with two very auspicious Chinese i-ching coins to further enhance wealth. Jasper is also known to deflect and dissipate negative energy, curses and psychic attacks and send the energy back to the sender. Supplied with one piece of crystal and two i-ching coins in a lovely organza drawstring purse.


Xiu Lung Wealth & romance charm for 2011

A powerful wealth and romance enhancer and protector in one imposing charm.

All the wealth enhancers that you can think off in one powerful charm enhancer. The Dragon represents wealth and protection and catalyst to enhance further, along with three beautiful i-ching coins giving you ultimate protection and strengthening of wealth making this the perfect enhancer and also protector of wealth, business and career.

This is such a nice traditional cure and enhancer and this year it should be placed in the northeast. Made from a nice good quality weighty metal.


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