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2012 Chinese Animal Predictions

Year of the Yang Water Dragon (Ren Chen)Chinese Animal Predictions for 2012

© Written by Daniel Hanna 2012


I am certain that there will be many Snakes that are glad 2011 is coming to the end, although I know for a fact that so many Snakes have benefited from the 2011 annual and monthly Feng Shui advice that we gave have also benefited from using our annual Feng Shui cures kits and the 2011 Master Cure along with the fine tuning of our powerful Feng Shui Software.

Chinese astrology and western astrology are two very different structures. Chinese astrology is there to inform you of what may come and how you can apply cures and enhancers to avoid problems that could potentially arise; Chinese astrology is also about having the information in advance so that you can avoid any of the problems that are predicted. It is important that you know when and how to avoid bad influences during the year of the Dragon 2012.

If you follow the advice given to you below and approach the year ahead with a positive attitude, you will be able to avoid much bad luck that is said to be coming to you. You can also do this by reading our 2012 Flying Star (Xuan Kong).

If you are a Dog and read that the year of the Dragon in 2012 is going to be inauspicious for you, don’t panic as you can avoid many problems by thinking positive and researching your Flying Star chart. Being able to avoid negative Flying Stars can help you modify your years luck in a good way.

There will be many websites and other Consultants that will predict all sorts of problems and calamities for a certain animal in any year.

What you need to bear in mind that even though there may be problems arising, there are also solutions to problems that can really turn things around for you which is what we have written in to each synopsis for 2012 for you.  Please take this with a pinch of salt and enjoy a great 2012.

Start to prepare and place your annual cures and enhancers; this will set the foundations for a trouble free year; make sure that you check back every month on here for our monthly updates to be even more prepared for the year ahead.

I would recommend reading up on our professional Flying Star Feng Shui Software or 2012 Tong Shu Almanac Software which will give you total control on an annual and monthly basis. This year we have combined the software with our annual cures kit to give you even better value and savings.

Those born in the year of the Sheep may be affected by the conflicting influences of the year of the Yang Water Dragon Ren Chen. In saying this, we hope that those born in the year of the Sheep are aware of potential difficulties they may encounter during the year and will take extra care in whatever they do without taking undue risks.

The degree of effect varies from one person to another. One of the major considerations is the heavenly stem of the year in which one was born, more on this later.

To find your animal sign, check the charts below.

If you were born before February 4th use the year before. If it is after February 4th, then use the same birth year.  This is worth double-checking; as you would be amazed how many people born in January or February get it wrong. If you are uncertain as to which Chinese Animal you are associated with, maybe consider using our Feng Shui software that calculates it automatically along with personal Gua, flying stars, annual, fixed and monthly and so much more.

Some examples:

  • Born 2nd February 1958 = Rooster
  • Born 5th February 1958 = Dog
  • Born 3rd February 1987 = Tiger
  • Born 5th February 1987 = Rabbit

2012 is the 4709th year of the Chinese calendar.

In China, the solar calendar of the Ren Chen (Yang Water) year starts on 4th February 2012 at 00:51 China time.

In the UK, the new solar year starts on 4th February 2012 at 16:51. In California USA it will start 4th February 2012 at 08:51 and if you live in Barcelona you would place your cures at 17:51.

Please click the relevant animal below to view the advice for 2012.

Rat (Zi)The Rat has yet another very good year to look forward to throughout 2012, which is great news. Career and those in business for themselves will find that they quickly boost their career to a new level as long as they do not take read this advice and decide to take a Click here to find out more…

Click here for more details on Ox in 20122012 appears to be an ever-changing year for the Ox although if you play your cards right and follow all the advice here along with the annual stars 2012 the year 2012 can be good for wealth, career and general luck but you need to be careful throughout the year and work  Click here to find out more…

Click here for more details on Tiger in 20122012 can be a very rewarding year for the Tiger as long as they are able to stop their impulsive nature from getting them in to trouble. Tigers will find that they have a lot more input in to their work Click here to find out more…

Click here for more details on rabbit in 2012It will be a mixed year for the Rabbit with a few ups and downs. Although this sounds like there will be many problems in 2012, I would not worry too much as a lot of these can be avoided if you take the advice on this page and also follow the annual and monthly flying stars. You must try and be as well  Click here to find out more…

Click here for more details on Dragon in 2012The Dragon will have a great start to 2012 with an extremely positive attitude and this will work very much so towards their favour. If you are keen to do well this year and set plans to stone fairly early in the year, then you can get a great deal accomplished in 2012. There will be many  Click here to find out more…

Click here for more details on Snake in 2012The Snake will have a good year with only a few little hiccups. There are plenty of opportunities where success can be attained but hard work and discipline is expected on the part of the Snake. Use your natural foresight and intelligence and do not let success blind you to the Click here to find out more…

Click here for more details on Horse in 20122012 will be a mixed year for the horse this year and I would advise all Horses to be careful throughout 2012 although it has the potential to be a great year. If success is to be attained, it should be approached with a calm pace and you should not rush in to anything as 2012 brings a  Click here to find out more…

Click here for more details on Sheep-Goat in 20122012 will be a year of career and financial gains for the Goat, you should try to save where possible throughout this year if you follow this advice and work hard and smart, you could accumulate a large sum. There could be a lot of activity this year at work; you will find that a project that has previously Click here to find out more…

Click here for more details on Monkey in 2012I know that a lot of Monkeys that I have spoken to throughout the year have benefited a lot from the 2011 advice and have enjoyed a great year in 2011 and now they have a great year in 2012 to look forward to, so read through the information for this year and reap the rewards. Please check the Click here to find out more…

Click here for more details on Rooster in 2012This will turn out to be a great year for The Rooster. Opportunities and success await you and seeds you planted in 2011 will now come to fruition. Coupled with Roosters natural passion and drive, the year 2012 will take you to great heights. Those in employment may see promotion, provided they keep away from and are not influenced  Click here to find out more…

Click here for more details on Dog in 2012

Whilst the Dragon year 2012 has mixed energy for the Dog, you can make it a very good year. Michael has gone through so many Chinese years with such bad predictions for the Dog and always Click here to find out more… 

Click here for more details on Pig in 2012

I am sure you have come across some websites or books predicting 2012 to be a bad and unsettled year for the Pig but I do not think it will be that bad at all. There will be some things you need to be aware off but providing you follow this advice and also our annual flying star advice the year should Click here to find out more…

For details on the 2012 year of the Dragon flying stars click on the banner below…

Year of Dragon 2012

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