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2012 Flying Star Xuan Kong

Are you prepared 2012 flying star

2012 Analysis Flying Stars Xuan Kong

© Written by Daniel Hanna 2012

On February 4th 2012 we come into a new year of the Dragon. Sadly one characteristic of change in 2012 will be that investments will be even more restrained than they have been for the last 3-4 years and exceptional Feng Shui cures and enhancers are needed in the year of the Ren Chen Dragon 2012.

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Over the last thirteen years we hand-pick a very valuable and essential traditional and authentic Feng Shui cures and enhancer’s kit.

On February 4th 2012 the most favourable # 8 star flies into the west palace and we will need some very influential and commanding cures and enhancers as there is a clash of elements between earth and metal which can affect finances throughout the world. Most of the cures we will be using in 2012 are tightly held secrets and the formula must be exact.

The cures and enhancers annual kit is not just some gimmicky cures; they are exceptionally potent cures that only the most advanced Feng Shui Masters and consultants in the world would use.  It doesn’t matter when in the year you place your cures.

The most influential and vital cure and enhancer in is called a Ba Gua Shi master cure and can only to be used in Yang Water Dragon years. This cure is needed to enhance and protect wealth, career and business in 2012 particularly for the female of a home.

This bag gua cure is only known to a minority of Feng Shui consultants and years ago and even now in southeast Asia you would have to employ a skilled Feng Shui consultant to call at your home or business and the consultant would spend many hours carving the inscriptions onto a Ba Gua eight sided earth plate, which would then be placed in the west of your home or business and then placing the quartz crystals, i-ching coin and with special marker that would have to point towards the Sun palace of the southeast especially for 2012 as we have a #5 star visit the southeast which again is a clash of elements and this is combined with the tai sui.

This master Feng Shui cure would usually cost thousands of pounds and obviously only available to the rich which is still the case in many parts of the world and the reason why we create these powerful cures so all can afford them at a fraction of the cost you would normally pay.

Each of the rare and valuable semi-precious quartz crystals work in synergy with the inherent element of the ba gua (pa kua) giving total protection for wealth, health & balance of mind and releasing the #8 star in the west in 2012.

With the ba gua master earth plate it must be carved into an eight side ba gua but you must NOT use a normal Ba Gua with a small mirror in the middle, please do not do this and only use an eight sided plate made from an earth element such as slate or marble and must be sized between 101 and 109mm (4 – 4.4 inches) with the precise talismans engraved and crystals and iching coin.

The earth plate is specially crafted for us and must measure between 101 and 109mm and etched with the special talisman, This earth plate must face a certain compass direction (the instructions show you how to set this cure up) even if you do not own a compass for northern and southern hemispheres so it does not matter where in the world you are located, the instructions will tell you everything you need to know.

This is one of the most powerful and commanding cures and enhancers for wealth, health, relationships and protection in 2012 and because this cure is essential for wealth and protection in 2012 we included it in all our 2012 cures and enhancers kit 

The forecasts we made in 2011 and previous years before were as normal one hundred % precise and happily many of our clients have endured the continued dip in the economy and many other problems.

The year of the water Dragon is sadly again in conflict in the west with earth weakened by metal which could cause problems with wealth, deception, fighting, arguments, misinterpretations, and chinwag.

We could still continue to experience further aggression throughout the world with natural earth tragedies like earthquakes; landslides, floods etc. There are other horrid forecasts in 2012 but as you know we don’t like making them too in-depth as the influence of the mind is very powerful and can manifest the difficulties and in our opinion if you follow all the advice in this document you could evade many difficulties in 2012.

I shall be more optimistic now and whilst many websites are forecasting doom and gloom in 2012 even with the threat of the end of the world, I personally think so much good will come from all this and it can be very good for career and relationships, this is particularly so if you activate your east, west and northeast sectors of your home or office.

Those of you born in the year of the Tiger, Ox and Dog may be affected by the conflicting influences of the year of the Yang Water Dragon and those born in the year of Rat, Rooster and Monkey can expect a great year but either way you can make your Dragon year so much healthier by following the advice here.

The effect varies from one person to another. One of the main considerations is the heavenly stem of the year in which one was born, so those who were born in 1970 & 1910 Yang Metal Dog will have a bumpy ride than those born in 1934 and 1994 yang wood Dog. Dogs also born in water years, 2012 will be much healthier and if you place all cures and enhancers you will avoid many problems. For more information on your personal Chinese Animal predictions for 2012 click here.

Surely the annual cures and enhancers for 2012 will make me immune?

If your living room is in the southwest, north southeast or northwest and you are overweight, smoked, ate junk food daily, drank heavily and a bit of a couch potato and thought that taking a combination of vitamin tablets at the end of the day will revitalise your body, you are wrong.

I know this sounds hard but you will have problems in 2012 but if you make modifications this year you will avoid many of those problems, placing just the Feng Shui cures and enhancers on their own will help greatly but you should also make lifestyle changes.

With all that said please do not start freaking if your bedroom, living room, main door or office are located in the southwest, north southeast or northwest, just start preparing to place your 2012 cures and enhancers kit.

There are two products I do endorse in 2012, which are, our 2012 annual cures kit and the world’s most powerful and most widely used Feng Shui 2012 software with over eight years in development, over 53 combined years Feng Shui experience and one year of beta testing. This software is used by thousands of Feng Shui Master’s. Practitioners, students and supporters from over 118 different countries all over the world.

What is flying star Xuan Kong?

Flying star is the most influential school of Feng Shui that the majority practiced Feng Shui consultants use. It is an examination of the five elements and land formations.

Sample of a Flying Star natal chart

The natal chart below was generated with our Feng Shui software. This chart below does not just focus on annual and monthly stars but also your fixed stars that are hundreds of times more influential.
Feng Shui software

The 2012 Annual Feng Shui Afflictions:

The Three Killings – is a direct paraphrase from the Chinese ‘San Sha’. This yearly affliction is mainly located in the south (142.5º to 217.5º) in 2012. It is vital that you do not commence any form of noisy renovations or re-decorative work in the south part of your house or office between February 4th 2012 and February 3rd 2013.

Neither should you interrupt the ground by digging holes or carry out any maintenance work with any noisy equipment in this area inside or outside your property or garden. Once disturbed, this affliction could bring about three types of bad luck, financial loss, sickness and disputes. This is the most horrible out of all the annual afflictions and should be treated with respect in 2012.

Apart from not unsettling the ground in the south, there are two other rules you should follow concerning the Three Killings. Firstly, if you are repositioning your desk this year, never sit with your back to this south direction. Secondly, it is better to face the south in 2012 although only if it is one of your personal min gua directions.

If your main door faces the south in 2012, place a pair of Fu Dogs just inside the house looking outwards as protective guardians for the year. You must also place a golden coloured Pi Yao in the south looking towards the north.

If you have to carry out work or emergency repairs in the south place a six hollow metal rod wind chime between the building and where the work is being carried out. Please remember that the wind chime must be removed after the work has been completed.

Tai Sui (The Grand Duke of Jupiter) resides between 112.5º – 127.5º southeast. Do not take this affliction casually. Do not disturb the ground in the southeast at all costs. Southeast facing properties with front doors to the southeast must be careful not to allow the doors to slam and do not renovate or dig in this area in 2012.

With the very inauspicious #5 star also visiting the southeast palace in 2012 you need the best cure available in the southeast in 2012. You need a special cure – this special cure comes standard with all our 2012 annual cures and enhancers kits.

Sui Po the year breaker occupies the 15 degree mountain directly opposite Tai Sui Grand Duke, which for 2012 is northwest (292.5 – 307.5). You must treat this area with the same respect as the other annual afflictions with no ground-breaking work, renovations or noisy activities.

If disturbed this area can and normally cause health problems especially for the elderly or sick so please be very careful. If you have to carry out work or emergency repairs in the northwest place a six hollow metal rod wind chime between the building and where the work is being carried out.

The annual five yellow flies into the southeast (112.5 – 157.5) in 2012 and because the southeast is associated with wood energy, combined with the earth energy of the # star this is not good and the reason why so many dedicated cures are needed in 2012.

It is suggested you do not disturb the southeast with noisy activities, restorations or maintenance work. Buildings with gardens or driveways in the southeast of the property should avoid disturbing the ground with major digging or building work. When disturbed, the Five Yellow can bring calamity, illness, legal issues and loss of wealth so please be very careful in the southeast in 2012.

Please do not worry if your living room, bedroom or office is located in the southeast, just start preparing to place your 2012 cures and enhancers kit to help guarantee a untroubled year, and of course make sure you sign up for our free feng shui newsletter so you are kept up to date with the monthly flying stars giving you even more control of your destiny. To give you even better control use our advanced Feng Shui 2012 software as this gives advanced Feng Shui analysis of every home or office facing any direction in any part of the world.

How far do we personally take this no disturbing of an area?

What if your garden is located in the southeast, south, southwest or north? Does this mean no cutting the lawn or cutting back the trees with a noisy hedge trimmer in 2012?

Of course you will have to do these jobs and if you cannot avoid digging, use the following rules to lessen the effects of any harm that may result. Place a six-rod metal wind chime between your building and building work whilst the work is being done.

  • Start trimming or mowing from a different corner of the garden. Let us say your garden is in the southeast of the property. You should remember to start your garden work from the west or northeast corner as this carries an auspicious energy in 2012.
  • The simple thing to remember is AVOID doing heavy work here and no digging or breaking ground, I have seen too many times some nasty repercussions from disturbing these afflictions in a year.

2012 Annual Flying Stars:

How each area affects the wealth and health aspects of the occupants depends on the quality and mixture of the ‘facing’ and ‘sitting’ stars of the property’s natal chart. If you have had a consultation with a Feng Shui master like Michael he will be able to advise you for 2012 or if you use our Feng Shui software it will show you where all your wealth, relationship, career areas are.

The lottery ticket below was created our Feng Shui software and taken from their birth date and just by placing it in the west or northeast can increase the chances of a win, and if you own the software you increase your chances even more as it calculates even more advanced formulas to tapping into wealth and good luck.

Secret cheque image



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4 Responses to 2012 Flying Star Xuan Kong

  1. Good day to you!!! I have been reading all fengshui forecast…I am a dog 1970 metal dog married to a 1966 snake jan.9 1966 is the birthday of my husband…Our house is like a L shaped only have 155 sq. mtr.lot we dont have our backyard..is it ok to use only the compass on my ipad? Do i have to place the ipad in the center of my house just to know where the exact location in every sectoer of this house? I read my land title qnd its stated that bounded on the NE along line 1-2 by lot 2, then SE along line 2-3 then SW along lines 345 by alley 21 and on thet NW along line 5-1 by lot 3 all of this subd survey… So ithink our house is facing SE but we renovated many years ago that is why it is L Shaped…because i think our main door is facing NE… Please do reply what will be the best cure….many thanks…GOD bless us all

  2. tina says:

    hi im an ox born july 3,1961 at 8:15am. Whatever i do does not work can you advice me something or give me what to wear for good luck its so hard for me this year. thanks

  3. Lori says:

    What to do if the center of my small house appears to be in my closet?

    • Michael says:

      Hi Lori,

      The best solution for this is to keep the closet extremely clean and tidy as possible throughout the year.

      Kind regards,

      P.S. next year in 2013, you have a very inauspicious #5 star in the centre which will be trapped in your closet which is very good news for you!

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