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Avoid the wrath of Tai Sui

Avoid the wrath of Tai Sui, Grand Duke, Three Sha, year breaker, 3 killings, Sui Po, Three Killings and all other annual Feng Shui afflictions in 2011…

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2011 is here already and it seems that every year tends to go by faster and faster.

Ever year, we are faced with a long list of tedious tasks and chores to complete throughout the year involving maintenance of the house and garden. Personally, as the year seems to fly past for myself, I need to make sure that I take care when I am doing maintenance around my home and so should you if you are to avoid the wrath of Tai Sui (Grand Duke), Sui Po, the Three Killings and more in 2011.

If you are doing work in the east or west of your property you will need to take very special care as this is where they are located.

The Three Killings (aka three sha) is a direct translation from the Chinese ‘San Sha’. Although the perception of The Three Killings is associated with three earthly branches, its position is defined according to one of the four cardinal compass directions, namely North (water), East (wood), South (fire) and West (metal).

The twelve earthly branches are matched into four groups of harmonious alliances (trinities). If we are to establish the location of The Three Killings, we must explore the trinities of the earthly branches and their phases first. The four trinities are:

  • Rat, Monkey and Dragon (Water phase) to the North
  • Sheep, Rabbit and Boar (Wood phase) to the East
  • Tiger, Dog and Horse (Fire phase) to the South
  • Snake, Rooster and Ox (Metal phase) to the West

These earthly branches are not The Three Killings; they simply indicate the position of The Three Killings. The Three Killings sits in the opposite cardinal direction (spanning 90 degrees) of the phase represented by the year’s earthly branch.

For example:

2004 earthly branch was the Monkey. Monkey belongs to the trinity of the water phase to the north. As such, The Three Killings sits in the south. I e. 135º to 225º .

Another example:

2005 earthly branch was the Rooster belonging to the trinity of the metal phase to the west. This means The Three Killings sat in the east during the year 2005.

The best solution for this is to not disturb the ground where the Three Killings sits.

If you have a front door that you frequently use that faces the Three Killings’ direction in any year, this is considered a disturbance due to the constant opening and closing of the door and heavy noise levels. You should take a lot of care to not slam the door as the Three Killings can be a lot more settled if the door is opened and shut calmly. The traditional cure is to place a pair of Chi Lin (Temple Lions – Fu Dogs) just inside the door facing outwards.

So in 2011 if your door is in the east or west, you should follow our annual advice and place a pair of Fu Dogs/Temple Lions by your door and try to avoid using the door if this is possible although I can appreciate that this is easier said than done.

The 2011 Annual Feng Shui Afflictions:

The Three Killings – is a direct translation from the Chinese ‘San Sha’. This yearly affliction is mainly in the west (232.5º to 307.5º). In 2011 the west is severely afflicted with the three killings and the auspicious annual #9 flying star so it is imperative that you do not undertake any form of noisy renovations or re-decorative work in this part of your house or office between February 4th 2011 and February 3rd 2012.

Nor should you disturb the ground by digging holes, building foundations or conduct any maintenance work with any noisy equipment in this area inside or outside your property or garden. Once disturbed, this affliction will bring about three types of misfortunes – financial loss, sickness and arguments.

This is the worst out of all the annual afflictions and in our home and business we take this very seriously as in our 31 years experience with Feng Shui we have seen some pretty nasty events from this energy when disturbed.

Because I have my main bedroom in the west which is afflicted by Tai Sui and also the #9 star, we will avoid renovating this area unless absolutely necessary. If your main door is located in the east or west, you need to follow the 2011 annual cures and enhancers advice.

If you have to carry out work or emergency repairs in the west in 2011 place a six hollow metal rod wind chime between the building and where the work is being carried out. Ideally, you should contact a professional Feng Shui Practitioner to select an auspicious date to start the work or you can use our Tong Shu software.

Tai Sui (The Grand Duke of Jupiter) resides between 82.5º – 97.5º east.
Do not take this affliction lightly. Do not disturb the ground of this area at all costs.
east facing properties with front doors to the east must be careful not to allow the doors to slam and do not renovate or dig in this part for 2011.

With the #5 star also visiting the east chen palace in 2011 you have wood meeting earth which is a destructive combination and can cause legal problems, arguments, back stabbing and much more and needs very specific cures and of course when you combine all this destructive energy with the even more destructive Tai Su (Grand Duke) you need the best cure available in the east in 2011.

You need a Shuang Yang Yu Fu Buddha along with a set of six coins in a row tied with red ribbon and a Salt Water cure. These come standard with all our 2011 cures and enhancers kits.

Sui Po (The year breaker)

Sui Po year breaker occupies the division directly opposite Tai Sui Grand Duke, which for 2011 is west (262.5 – 277.5). You should treat this area with the same respect as the other annual afflictions with no groundbreaking work, renovations or any noisy activities. If disturbed this area can and normally will cause immediate health problems especially for the elderly so please be very careful.

If you have to carry out work or emergency repairs in the west, place a six hollow metal rod wind chime between the building and where the work is being carried out. Ideally, you should contact a professional Practitioner to select an auspicious date to start the work.

The annual five yellow is situated in the east in 2011 as well as the Grand Duke, extra care will need to be taken this year. It is highly recommended not to disturb its position here with noisy activities, renovations or maintenance work.

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