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Littlefield Manor

This Feng Shui testimonial was sent in 2003 following a Feng Shui consultation in June 2002. This stunning property is a very large listed Tudor and Jacobean manor house, set in a large garden and surrounded by 400 acres of farmland and vast stables and offices.

Over the years we have built a privileged client base from every type of individual and building you can imagine.

A true measure of our success and knowledge is the fact that we are ‘consultants to other Feng Shui consultants’. As well as busy consultants we also run a school teaching authentic Feng Shui to students and other consulatnts from all over the world.

Photos of Littlefield manor: Top left: main entrance. Top right: back/side view. Bottom left: Arial view of main building, stables, office’s and outbuildings. Bottom right: Lilly in the pond.


If you would like to read the Littlefield Manor testimonial please follow this link

Oliver Tangye. August 2003

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