March 2012 Flying Star Analysis

March 2012 Flying star Analysis


We have an inauspicious #5 star enter the centre this month of March and the centre of your home or business should be avoided if possible this month.
Be careful in March if your main door, bedroom or office or any important room is located in the southwest, east or west this month. If your office, main door or bedroom is located in the southwest make sure you place a Wu Lou or six Chinese coins tied in a row with red ribbon for the month of March especially if you are not in good health or feel very stressed.

If you have a main door, lounge, office or any other important room in the east or west please be careful signing papers as there could be treachery in March, just be careful and read all the small print especially if your Chinese animal sign is a Pig or Tiger. You can also suffer from someone trying to backstab you or steal from you, so place something that is red in colour in the east such as a rug, door mat, sofa throw etc; this will help calm this negative influence. Another very powerful cure is to burn a tee light candle daily in the east but only do so if it is safe and do not leave unattended. A traditional cure is placing a statue of a red Buddha in the east.

Place a wu lou and set of six Chinese coins tied in a row with red ribbon in the centre of your home and southwest especially if you have an important room like a bedroom, office, main door etc.

Please also be aware that Tai Sui is in the SE in 2012 and you must not disturb the ground, so no renovations or such like especially this month. place some strong water colours in the southeast (blue and or black) especially if this is an office or bedroom, in fact if you have a bedroom or office in the southeast you should place a bowl of water (not moving water) in this room, the water must be still and changed every couple of days and daily if you live in a very hot dusty country.

Good sectors for the month of March are the south, northeast, north and even the southeast is not too bad this month and if your door, office, bedroom or any other important room is located in these areas your month will be good in March. Take a look at the annual cures and enhancers of how you can enhance your month and year even further.

To prevent legal issues, disputes, gossip and arguments with partners in love or business, introduce something red into the east corner of your home and bedroom or office in March, a quick and easy way of introducing the colour is using a sofa throw, bed cover, rug etc, you can also light a small candle daily if you are experiencing problems on this front but please be very careful with candles and tee lights.

To further enhance your month check out the March monthly almanac as it not only gives you good and bad days to do certain tasks it also tells you if it is good for your animal sign.
Be very careful on the 2 – 13 – 14 – 25 – 26 March as these are either year, month or sha days and not good at all, so please do not plan any important tasks for these days. If you would like to be better informed of good and bad days check our free monthly almanac or our powerful date selection Tong Shu almanac software.

Take a look at your 2012 annual animal predictions and also the 2012 flying star (Xuan Kong) as you will need to follow the advice carefully to ensure a trouble free year in 2012. You can place your annual cures and enhancers at any time of the year after February 4th.

If you would like to be informed in advance of the monthly, annual and fixed flying stars for the rest of your life, maybe consider our updated 2012 advanced flying star software, it is used by Feng Shui Masters, Practitioners and students throughout the world.

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