Shi Dong Wu protection amulet

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In 2022 the southwest of every home or office throughout the world will be afflicted with the nasty #2 black star that can cause many problems relating to wealth, luck, legal issues, bad health and also the patriarch (eldest male) of the home or office especially a father this is a very important amulet to place.

This Shi Dong Wu protection amulet is a very traditional and authentic cure to enhance and protect wealth, health, and career as the 2 black is a very unstable star and when disturbed with loud noises, its malevolent influence can bring many disasters, sickness, lawsuits and major loss of wealth.

The arrangement of this amulet is very precise and must be formed with eight very special i-ching coins formed in a yin (two Chinese characters facing outwards and yang on the other side having four Chinese characters facing outwards these must be tied with a mystical knot called pang chang mystic knot along with the twelve animals and a Wen Wang Ba Gua  derived from the Lo Shu and once complete they form a very powerful amulet and an essential cure enhancer for today and future money in any home or business.

Taoist traditions are that the round coin with a square hole represents a union of heaven and earth – making it energetic, powerful and harmonious. The circular shape of the coins represents the heavens, while the square hole is the earth at the centre. Binding eight i-ching coins together in a circle with a red string or ribbon completes a Taoist trinity of Heaven, Earth and Humanity and when combined with the twelve animal and The Wen Wang Ba Gua is derived from the Lo Shu this offers perfection and we have included in our deluxe annual kits.

Another important formulation of this powerful cure is the actual length of the cure as In traditional Feng Shui you have auspicious and inauspicious measurements and the entire length of the amulet must fall in a Kwan sector which is approximately between 230 – 260 which is said to bring special wealth luck, protection and good fortune. When trying to cure the #2 star using Feng Shui measurement is very important and even a few more millimetres on this amulet would take the sector into Chieh sector which is said to bring wealth loss, bad luck and loss of face. Our Feng Shui software has all the measurements built into it and it is something we have personally used with great results for over 37 years.

Full detailed instructions are included and they are completely cleansed of negative energy and empowered with positive Sheng Ch’i energy.  Size and weight 260 mm – 10.2 inch – 18 grams.

We only sell traditional and authentic Feng Shui Cures that in our opinion get results; we do not sell gimmicky Mc’feng shui cures or any other products that fall in line with a lot of pop up Feng Shui shops get rich quick schemes. Every single product that we sell has been tried and tested by us to monitor the results before we even think of selling it to the public and the quality and effectiveness are the most important part when selecting any product that we sell, this is our ethos now and has been since we started in 1999 and the reason why our store is NOT full of hundreds of products from lucky Feng Shui bin bags to auspicious yin yang chocolate.

All of our products are cleansed of any negative energy that may have become present during production and are empowered with positive Sheng Ch’i when they reach us and again when they are sent out for delivery.

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