Shuang Ding 7 coins and 2 ingots cure

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An effective and powerful cure in 2018, a simple yet extremely powerful cure and enhancer for the #7 star encouraging wealth and protection for growth and wealth in 2018 as we have the #7 star falling into the east and it must be cured. In 2018 you should hang these in the east.

This is a very traditional cure and enhancer for the #7 star and with the unique way the seven i-ching coins along with dual ingots that have been arranged to give balance to the yin and yang when the #7 star visits the east palace as the small metal and large metal meet and with this cure the elements balance each other and this cure is protecting against theft, fraud, gossip, lies, legal problems and wealth loss along with health issues relating to the lungs.

This essential cure represents wealth protection, fortune, wealth and success and the coins and ingots are tied with a beautiful silky red ribbon and tassel making this product extremely high quality and would grace any home or office. They can also be used as Wealth enhancers and be placed inside your accounts book.

2018 Placement Instructions

As of 4th February 2018, this cure should be placed in the east of your home or office or the east of an important room like an office, bedroom, living room etc.

Size including tassels: 200mm (12 inches) (13 grams) Full instructions for placement included. All our products are cleansed of negative energy and empowered with positive Sheng Ch’i.

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