Hanging Crystal Cluster

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These spectacular clusters have been custom-made just for us, a magnificent piece of unique crystal sculpture. Energise the energy in your home or office and clear negative energy. Made with 18 individual pieces.

Exclusive design just for you, you will not find these anywhere else. Handmade with the finest quality grade Swarovski crystals. They comprise of 1 x 30mm Swarovski faceted sphere, 12 x 12mm Swarovski octagon crystals, 2 x silver plated spiral spacers, 3 x semi precious quart crystal spheres all carefully strung on a plastic coated wire with a sliver plated crimp to finish with a hook loop at the top. These really are the finest design we have ever come up with and because we are large volume buyers we have managed to price them very realistically, in fact many web sites and shops sell the individual crystals at twice the price. When the sunlight hits them they generate an incredible display of various size rainbows across a room that will lift the energy of any home or office, activates Ch’i in your room or office, creating good for the occupants and increases the balance of Yang which is said to bring good luck and fortune. Size 115mm (4.6 inches) height) this is the actual measurement of all the crystal and does not include the hanging wire, so you can see they are a very good size for any window or door. Overall size including plastic coated wire is approximately 10-12 inches (255mm)


Anti-depression. It is an energetic stone. Hematite would be efficient in all blood troubles. It would also help to find a deep sleep. Hematite wards off bad moods and depressed feelings. Beneficial to the circulatory system – increases resistance to stress – stimulates spleen – restores vitality – calms excessive energy. Great for teenagers with excessive hormones. Good for the south of home/office.

Rose quartz

Love & Romance. The soft pink colour of this quartz would lead to tenderness and to kindness. Strongly connected to the softness it emanates, the child is attracted by this stone. Rose quartz would restore the love of self and would develop the creativity (it’s the favourite stone of the artists). Rose Quartz Power Beads are beneficial to the circulatory system – increases fertility – appeases sexual and emotional lack of balance – increases self-confidence – calms down. Good for south-west or west.


Tigers eye

Calming effect Tiger-eye is an aggregate of quartz mixed with iron. Tiger-eye would be excellent for the narrow-minded person. This stone would be very good protection against negative influences. In African cultures, tiger-eye is often used against “black magic”. This stone would soothe nervous persons and would help concentration. A powerful protection crystal, which would look lovely in any window. Good for north-west.



Amethyst is the stone that possesses the strongest spiritual energy. It is a remarkable stone as a meditation and concentration support. Amethyst stimulates the intellectual side of your life. Increases activity of right-side brain – purifies blood – reinforces immunity system – increases psychic skills and intuition – tranquilliser. This master healer is a good crystal to energise and clear negative energy. Good for south-west or north-east.


Mother of pearl

Mother of Pearl – Attracts abundance and wealth! Works well in any area to bring an abundance of prosperity and good luck. A lovely looking stone. Good for south-east wealth corner.



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