April 2012 Animal forecast – Horse

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It will be a good month overall and all may seem well but there may be problems on the personal and relationship side if you are already in a relationship. Pay particular attention to your partner or loved ones as whilst the month will seem much better than previous months it can make you forget about the people who have supported you over the year. For protection against psychic forces wear some hematite beads or amethyst. For single Horses it should be a good month for romance so expect some good news.

Arranging outings or holidays with their family may help improve the health and quality of family life.

To further enhance 2012 take a look at your 2012 annual animal predictions and also the 2012-flying star (Xuan Kong) as you will need to follow the advice carefully to ensure a trouble free year in 2012. You can place your annual cures and enhancers at any time of the year after February 4th 2012.

For protection you should have a key chain pendant of a Goat/Ram/Sheep with you at all times.

Your lucky sector is the South (172.5º – 187.5º) of the home or office.

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