April 2012 Animal forecast – Snake

Click here for more details on Snake in 2012Snake affairs will run smoothly this month but you should not get too uptight because of the perceived incompetence of others. This is a good time to make a purchase that you have been putting off for a while as this can help to avoid an unwanted loss of money. When a bad thought enters your head or you have an opportunity to receive some money or belongings that do not belong to you please remember whatever you give in this world comes back good or bad.

To further enhance 2012 take a look at your 2012 annual animal predictions and also the 2012-flying star (Xuan Kong) as you will need to follow the advice carefully to ensure a trouble free year in 2012. You can place your annual cures and enhancers at any time of the year after February 4th 2012.

You should keep a symbol of the monkey (or a monkey key ring) with you at all times for protection.

Your lucky sector is the South-Southeast (142.5º – 157.5º).

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