April 2012 Flying Star Analysis

April 2012 Flying star Analysis



The inauspicious argumentative #3 star enters the central palace this month so if your bedroom, lounge, office or any other important room is located in the centre please be careful when signing important papers as there could be treachery in April, always make sure that you read all the small print. You can also suffer from someone trying to back stab you or steal from you in April this year, so place something that is red in colour in the centre such as a rug, door mat, sofa throw etc; this will help calm this negative influence. A traditional cure is a red statue of a Kwan Yin.

Be very careful this month if your main door, bedroom, lounge or office or any important room is located in the west or southeast. If your main door or important room is located in the west or southeast make sure you place a Wu Lou and/or a set of six Chinese coins tied in a row with red ribbon especially if you are not in good health or feel very stressed. If your bedroom, office or main door is located in the southeast please make sure you do NOT introduce any candles here or colours red, pink, purple, orange or any other fire colour. If you have an important room in the west use some blue, grey or black objects like bed covering, floor covering or cushion covers. Please avoid the west this month, it really is not good at all and place a wu lou beside your bed if your bedroom is located in the west.

The negative aspects of the visiting monthly #5 yellow may bring obstacles at home or in business, it can also cause problems with joints, bad luck or just a very slow energy. If your main door is located in the west place a ba gua mirror and a wu lou. Those of you with bedrooms, lounge, office or any other important room in the west and southwest must make sure you drink plenty of water and be very careful of what you eat, the combination in April can cause problems with the stomach and bowel so if you are holidaying please be very careful. I will be taking care regardless of my office direction as this month I am working abroad in some pretty hot countries in April.

Good sectors for the month of April are the north, east and northwest and if your door, office, bedroom or any other important room is located in these areas your month will be good. Take a look at the annual cures and enhancers on how you can enhance your month and year even further.

To activate relationships in April you can place something dark blue or black in colour in the northwest of your home. A quick and easy way of introducing the colour is placing a sofa throw, bed cover, rug, table cloth; it is actually very easy if you think about it. If you use symbolic items in relations you can place a pair of Mandarin ducks or double hearts in the NW. With regards to wealth you should spend more time in the north of your home or office and enhance the north by placing a faceted crystal sphere and/or a real piece of quartz crystal. I do not recommend heavy work or renovations in the north though.

Take a look at your 2012 annual animal predictions and also the 2012 flying star (Xuan Kong) as you will need to follow the advice carefully to ensure a trouble free year in 2012. You can place your annual cures and enhancers at any time of the year after February 4th.

If you would like to be informed in advance of the monthly, annual and fixed flying stars for the rest of your life, maybe consider our updated 2012 advanced flying star software, it is used by Feng Shui Masters, Practitioners and students throughout the world.

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