March 2012 Animal forecast – Dragon

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This month will not be that bad although do not get sidetracked by becoming involved in the schemes of others. You must be true to your principles, whether in the form of promotions or recognition will be yours.

Should you have decided to help someone in need, you must refrain from getting emotionally involved in your dealings with them. Select your friends sensibly and at some time this year you will find who your true friends are, this will be a good time for you. You need to be careful of what you eat and drink and be very careful if visiting hot countries and watch the food you eat. Enjoy a great March. This can be a very good month for romance.

To further enhance 2012 take a look at your 2012 annual animal predictions and also the 2012-flying star (Xuan Kong) as you will need to follow the advice carefully to ensure a trouble free year in 2012. You can place your annual cures and enhancers at any time of the year after February 4th 2012.

For protection, you should have a key chain pendant of a Rooster with you at all times. A Turquoise power bead bracelet is also good support for Dragon this year.

Your lucky sector is the East-Southeast (112.5º – 127.5º) of the home or office. Place a cluster of clear crystals or gemstones in the east sector of your room to enhance wealth in March.

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