Feng Shui tips for business and career in 2012

Every few days I will be posting some very valuable tips and advice for 2012 the year of yang water Dragon. These are not just the normal McFeng Shui tips, they are essential traditional and authentic Feng Shui advice that a master will give and also advice that will get you results.

Tip #1 – Most offices or homes that we visit get this part wrong and it is an important part of your working environment. Always try and sit at a desk with a solid wall behind your back to ensure that you have support and protection, never sit with a door or corner of wall or cabinet behind you.

You can sit with a window behind you as long as it does not have negative Sha Qi directed at it like a straight road or corner of building. Place a landscape picture behind you with mountains in the background, this will give you support. Try and arrange your desk so you can see the door (do not sit directly in front of door) and windows if possible. I know there are many people who cannot arrange their desks like this but try and place a partition behind you. If you are not able to arrange your desk in this way just try and make sure you face your Sheng Qi direction.

Check back in a few days for even more Feng Shui tips and advice for 2012.

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2 Responses to Feng Shui tips for business and career in 2012

  1. Conrad says:

    My master bedroom and home office are in the southwest
    And west sectors. What can I do to ensure my family
    My marriage and business are strOng and healthy.
    My children’s bedrooms are in the northwest and northeast
    Sectors. What can I do to protect them?

    Finally move into a house that matches me well
    I am an 8 and my wife is a 5 and our power sector
    The southwest is a bad one this year! Ahhhh!

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